Reliance Jio Prime Membership plan subscription have begin, and it will go on until 31st March 2017. To continue enjoying the free benefits at a nominal cost you need to get the Jio Prime Membership on or before 31st March.

How to subscribe to Reliance Jio Prime Membership Plan

Better use the handset with Jio SIM. Load my jio app. Once the app opens up you will get the Jio Prime ad on top, with get jio Prime link, you can either press that or tap My Jio and use menu list. The first option in the list is Jio Prime.

Once you tap Jio Prime you will get the Prime Membership Plan details, you can either get it for yourself or gift it to someone else – you need to pay Rs. 99 a onetime fee. Once you become Prime Member you can continue enjoying Jio until 31st March 2018.

Jio Prime Membership Plan

Problems / issues when subscribing to Jio Prime Membership Plan

Prime Membership subscription began today and will go on until 31st March. I guess there is a lot of traffic on the Jio server and hence you might see a lot of errors. Keep trying after sometime. Once you get to the payment option make the payments.

Now after you make the payment and when the payment gateway redirects you to the app, you might get an error. Do not try making the payment again, wait for some time and then check my plan in my jio app, tap prime membership and you should see an Active status.

I made payment, got error and then made payment again got error again. The first payment was successful though, my Prime Membership got activated. I guess for the 2nd payment I will get refund.

So far I did not see the Rs. 303 and the Rs. 499 plan, I guess that will be listed few days before 31st March.

Check the video below.

Let us know if you faced any issues when subscribing to Reliance Jio Prime Membership Plan.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -