Reliance announced the JioPhone a effectively free feature phone with VoLTE support. The Reliance JioPhone will open for bookings tomorrow and this is how you can pre-book the Reliance JioPhone. This feature phone booking will begin from 5:30PM onwards on 24th August.

How to pre-book the Reliance JiPhone

Pre-booking will begin from 5:30PM  onwards so get ready around that time. Do note that this JioPhone is effectively free which means you are paying security deposit of Rs. 1,500 that will be refunded after 3 years if you return the phone. Most of you will just buy this phone for the price, and keep it for themselves and the other thing is will the phone last that long?

Anyway you do need to pay Rs. 500 as Pre-Booking amount, now this amount will be adjusted against the full payment which means you need to pay Rs. 1000 at the time of delivery. This JioPhone will be distributed on first come first basis.

Pre-book the Reliance JioPhone

You can pre-book the Reliance JioPhone by visiting the website (online) or you can visit offline store, the nearest Jio store / retail store and get it done there. However better avoid going in for offline method as there will be huge rush there, well there will be a huge rush online too, but good thing is you will not see it.

How to Pre-Book Reliance JioPhone offline

Just visit store, given details, pay Rs. 500, you will receive SMS when the process is successful. The shop person will give you a receipt keep it safely. Take your Aadhaar card with you.

How to Pre-Book Reliance JioPhone Online from Jio Website

At 5:30PM on 24th visit website and there you will find the booking option. For that keep your Aadhaar number ready and your pin code ready. Just enter the details, pay the book amount of Rs. 500 and that’s it, you will get an SMS when the process is successful.

How to Pre-Book Reliance JioPhone Online from My Jio App

Launch the app, tap the JioPhone Pre-booking option, then enter your Aadhaar number and Pin Code, make the booking payment Rs. 500, that’s it.

So get ready for the JioPhone booking starts tomorrow from 5:30PM onwards. Many will be looking to buy this feature phone that will work with Jio and there is a possibility that the Reliance Jio Servers may crash.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -