Wammy Passion Y with jelly Bean 4.2 review

Wickedleak recently released the Jelly Bean 4.2 upgrade for some of its high end model like the Wammy Passion Y and the Wammy Titan 2. Here is a brief review of Wammy Passion with the Jelly Bean 4.2 OS. You can also check out my earlier Wammy Passion review with android 4.1.

The hardware is the same quad core (MediaTek) with 1GB RAM and 4 GB internal storage.  The screen is 5 inches with 1280×720 HD resolution. There are some new features in the 4.2 OS.

Benchmark comparison

With JB 4.1 With JB 4.2
Quadrant Benchmark 3482 3209
Antutu Benchmark 12897 12597 / 12899
Nenamark 2 37.4 fps 40.2fps
Linpack S-36 | M-88 S-35 |M-89
Free RAM 653MB 452 MB
Apps storage 1.44GB (1.3GB free) 0.98GB (844MB free)
Phone Storage 1.26GB (1.26GB free) 1.76GB (1.10GB free)

 Wammy Passion Y review with Jelly Bean 4.2

There was no noticeable performance difference. There are 3 window for the lock screen, you can assign apps there as per your need, but the interface is slow – it takes time to load, you can move / swipe to the next window only after some seconds. The swipe to unlock button is however fast.

If you look at the benchmark scores there are few differences, not much when it comes to the quadrant / Antutu, some improvement with fps. The free ram is too less as compared on the 4.1 OS. And some changes have been done for the app / phone storage. You can install apps on external SD card.

The camera app interface is different and you do not have the 12MP option now. There is the preview size option wherein if you select full screen then the camera can capture only in 6MP resolution and if you choose the 4:3 (standard screen) then you get the max 8MP resolution.

Check the camera sample and videos at the end of the article. I have included both the 6MP and 8MP sample.

Wammy passion Y with Jelly Bean 4.2
The handset is good but too pricy at Rs. 15,948. The other option is the Wammy Titan 2 though with a smaller screen resolution.

Sample images

Wammy Passion Y with jelly Bean 4.2 video review

1080p video sample shot using the Passion handset

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