UMI will start delivery of UMI XII handsets to customers within 1 or 2 days

After series of delays UMI has finally received the UMI XII – first lot and will soon start the shipping process from tomorrow or day after. They have already notified the customers.

UPDATE: Received mail from UMI. UMI is registered.
Company Name :
type UMI MOBILES PRIVATE LIMITED  and hit search.
Ref: No : U52590DL2013PTC252861  (Approved)

Press Release from UMI China…

We would like to update that, goods have actually arrived in India and every day we are shipping out over 1000 pcs to India from China and prior to dispatch awaiting network licence clearance from Telecom body, as the handsets is imported from China and all companies have to re-process IMEI numbers prior to customer usage.
As per customs of India, this is new regulation to be implemented, so network service providers will “identify” handset over their network.
Delivery will start in couple of days, and are currently awaiting clearance on IMEI allocation. 
Umi Media Team
Umi Shenzhen Limited
umi press clarification
UMI updates :
It seems a matter of few days, those who cannot wait can go in for the refund, the option is open.

UMI Spokesperson mentioned that they have received the first lot and will start shipping it to the customers after quality checks. The second lot is already undergoing custom clearance and the 3rd lot will be dispatched from China, today.

UMI has send me some images that also includes the UMI XII handset rear view and front view – Note that the borders are missing (the UMI XII prototype model had the borders). The X2 handset is with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage.

The chipset is MediaTek MT6589 and not MediaTek MT6589T, UMI has mentioned this on their Facebook page.  There are over 9000 customers (made full payments), awaiting delivery. I guess by next week we will start getting user inputs / reviews.

 UMI XII front view

UMI XII shipping lot

UMI XII rear view
UMI XII storage



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