Pantel Technologies will now enter the Android smartphone market

Most of you might be aware of Pantel Technologies who had entered the tablet market a few months after Aakash tablet was announced. They partnered with BSNL and the tabs were sold by the name BSNL- Penta.

Like many other tablet manufactures, Pantel Technologies will too venture into the smartphone domain. They will soon launch 3 Pantel smartphones, probably by next month. They have kept the price range between Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 15,000.

Looking at the price, they might come up with single core, dual core or even quad core powered handsets. We will have to wait and see what they can provide and at the exact price. By the end of this year, Pantel Company is also planning to launch a 4G enabled smartphone in India.

The market is already crowded with a lot of model, dual core, quad core you name it. But all of these handsets come powered by either MediaTek or Qualcomm processors. There is slight variation in the features, camera, battery and the price.

Pantel Smartphones

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  1. Vijay says

    I think the headline should be- Pantel Technology will now market Chinese White Box phones in India.

  2. daring says

    dont buy products of pantel I got tab is701 in may but they didn’t deliver the sims for what I paid whenever I call their cc they tell that u r check will be sent to u in 10 days wtf! !!!!!!!! dnt buy pantel products

  3. liju says

    Penta is a no go…Service is very bad.
    Their service centers never do any repair. i struggled for more than a month for getting a replacement tab, for a new tab that was “Dead On Arrival”.

  4. Zeeshan says

    AFAIK Sony ericsson dont make chip.
    ST ericsson made Novathor lineup of mobile SoC but they have discontinued from 2013.

    With almost no competition in its segment, Mediatek is all set to dominate mobile chip market.

  5. Naynesh says

    lets see, we have, qualcomm, nvidia, samsung, sony-ericsson, mediatek, huawei and off late broadcomm as the mobile cpu makers, take your pick

    • Amartya B says

      Sony ericsson as chip makers??This is news for me which devices have se chips???And Rock Chip and Intel also…Infact the Lenovo with Clover Trail+ has caught my fancy since the MWC.

      • Anup says

        I guess the novathor processor comes from SE and one phone that definitely uses this chipset is the SONY Xperia GO.

  6. Amartya B says

    Gogi I don’t know much about this Akash tablet so feel free to correct me, but as far as i have heard these tablets are powered by a dual core a5 the latest penta..and this pantech company is a chip manufacturer OEM right and based in Canada. But they use older processes not the 28mm process employed by Rockchip or Mediatek (the only viable options in the budget segment and these two manufacture dual core a9 and quad a7) so I mean Their products aren’t worth it at all are they comparable to the snapdragon a5 quad cores in the karbonn s1 handsets.So is this just another impending disaster like the Panasonic mediatek quadcore at 25k?