The latest version of UC Browser is not only better but also faster. It provides better browsing experience as compared with other mobile browsers. Research firm StatCounter tested load time using different browser on Samsung Galaxy Handsets and here are the results.

For the test StatsCounter used the UC Browser 9.8 and 9.7 (latest version as of now is 10.0), Opera Mini (version 7.5.35199) and Chrome (version 35.0.1916.122). They tried launching the mobile version of Facebook on each of these browsers using 2G on Samsung Galaxy Core I8262 handset and using 3G on the Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082 handset. The site was loaded 30 times (The browser history and cache were cleared before the test on each browser).

And here are the results – When using the 3G networks UC Browser 9.8 took less time loading as compared with other browsers. On 3G network – UC Browser 9.8 performance 60% faster than Opera Mini.

UC Browser load time

On the 2G networks UC Browser 9.8 again performed well and was 35% faster than Opera Mini. UC Browser is one of the most popular browser in India and it does work really well even on the 2G networks, try it out and let us know.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -