After launching the Vibe X2 in India and making it available on Flipkart a few days back, Lenovo has rolled out a system update for the same. The update is around 111 MB “X2_AP_ROW_S120_141103 …” will fix some software bugs and increase device stability. Go to settings, about and system update and manually check for the update.

I have the X2 with me and have just updated it. Make sure to keep the battery percent at over 50% before proceeding with the update. Though your data will not be erased it is advisable to backup just in case.

The update was smooth and my data was intact. Lenovo had bought Motorola, incidentally I tried connecting the Moto 360 with the X2 and it failed to connect, this was before the update. After the update this is the first thing I tried and it worked. I can now connect my Moto 360 smart-watch with the Vibe X2, seems like the issue was with the built in security app, this time I got the notification that the 360 wanted access permission.

lenovo vibe x2 software update

So far I did not find any other issues, will be using the handset for few more days and will update only if I find any issues. If you have updated you can leave your feedback or for any issues that you might have encountered.

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  1. I bought my vibe x2 from online shopping in china, i got a problem after updated my mobile, the google play store and google play service was not working and also once i switch off the phone and nit lenovo was appeared on the screen. Please advice

  2. Hey guys!! I have an issue!! i kept my lenovo vibe x2 on a 12 mb update…but now it wont start i don’t why?? how much time does it take to start up ??after an update please help!!

  3. After the upgrade to 5.0 the phone has may problems. Data connection can’t be turned ON. Many settings can not be changed.

  4. After update my Lenovo Vibe X2 Its hanging and performance is very slow. Battery backup is poor in 4 hours battery drains down.

  5. Dear Lenovo support Team, Four months back I purchased lenovo vibe X2 mobile and now I am facing battery notification problem, stuck at one percentage (100%) and gets switched off without low battery notification. Any solution? Please advise.

  6. I am Brian Mills I own a Lenovo Vibe X2 i went to the settings to update it and it says settings has stopped it does this all the time how do u fix this problem some one please I am having problems with me phone most of the features don’t work at all without it so message me back at this e-mail address

  7. I have same battery notification problem. It doesn’t comes down as per the usage, stuck at one percentage and gets switched off without low battery notification. If anyone knows resolution kindly suggest.

    1. This battery issue means that your battery back up is dead. Same problem had occurred with my Sony phone. And the battery needs to be changed. This problem usually occurs if charging of the phone is not done properly.. Keeping the phone on charge for long hours way past 100% does this to your battery.

  8. After updating, my phone restart, and stuck in recovery mode. Tried hard resetting. It keeps restarting without stop until battery dies. Any solution?

  9. Lenovo vibe x2, troubled, when will click like a drag right there from the middle of the “screen, why is there a lag, I had updated 3 times and the same problem occurs, plz help me.

  10. anyone notice that Applock is not working, it works for some time then fails.any solution.
    thanks in advance.

  11. After yesterday’s 110 mb update. A new issue has begun in my lenovo vibe x2. Once I charge it 100%. Then I shows battery backup perfectly till 70% and then it doesn’t go down frm that point for almost 6-7 hrs. I meant no change in 70%. Then suddenly shows 31% and rapidly goes down and within 10-15 mins phone battery is totally over. So, I thought let me check again. I again charged it for 100% and today it was stuck at 83% and after 6-7 hrs phone switched off directly without any notification. Please suggest any solution.

    1. Even i got the same issue after 1 week of usage then i got it replaced now even with the new piece i am getting the same problem

  12. Hi I bought this mobile last week from flipkort..1 and 2 day its performance was very good..but now its started giving problem..
    1.battery backup not coming at least 12 hrs. So tested that I put charge 100℅ in the morning 7 am and I kept mobile in home only with my old sim which I won’t get much calls.I came back home in evening 8 pm and I see the mobile it was switched off..
    2.This mobile working like a induction stove.if u use to listen music or watch videos or talking for 15 mins to 20 mins and browsing internet its giving that much heat..u cannot hold the phone in hand..
    So I complainted to flipcart they told that there is some updates are there u can update it. then may be will resolve like they told..I vl try this if not im going to replace this heat is very dangerous to human being..

    1. Even I got the same issue with my mobile but heating only while playing games, most of the battery consumption from my mobile was due to LTE signal in SIM which I changed to WCDMA only and my battery goes fine now, I can spend atleast 17-20 hrs with my phone with out charging.

  13. Does this 111 mb OTG improvised the battery issue??? I’ve noticed RAM usage drastically changed. Before the update, RAM usage always remains @75%+.. Now it’s came down to 55%+…

  14. There is huge difference when it comes to battery drainage. Before the latest system update, overnight it used to consume 5% to 8% in idle(stand by mode) mode. but now after the system update it takes 35% to 40% during standby overnight. As earlier comments say initially there was some lag while dragging notification bar down. But now it seems alright.

    Dear gogi, can you plz let me know where things might be going wrong. I have all power saving settings ‘on’ with screen display set to ‘auto’

  15. Dear Gogi,

    Please comment on following issues after Update:-

    1) OTG Support
    2) Battery Performance
    3) Camera Quality

    Thanks in advance

  16. Hi gogi,
    After updating i found that if we drag notification bar slowly (without removing your finger) i see some lag…
    can you check this on your device?????

    plz do reply ….

  17. Hi gogi,
    If i swipe notification panel fast then its smooth but when i drag notification panel slowly up or down i see some LAG
    Also happening while swiping home screen

    Did you encounted any issue like this?