After launching the Vibe X2 in India and making it available on Flipkart a few days back, Lenovo has rolled out a system update for the same. The update is around 111 MB “X2_AP_ROW_S120_141103 …” will fix some software bugs and increase device stability. Go to settings, about and system update and manually check for the update.

I have the X2 with me and have just updated it. Make sure to keep the battery percent at over 50% before proceeding with the update. Though your data will not be erased it is advisable to backup just in case.

The update was smooth and my data was intact. Lenovo had bought Motorola, incidentally I tried connecting the Moto 360 with the X2 and it failed to connect, this was before the update. After the update this is the first thing I tried and it worked. I can now connect my Moto 360 smart-watch with the Vibe X2, seems like the issue was with the built in security app, this time I got the notification that the 360 wanted access permission.

lenovo vibe x2 software update

So far I did not find any other issues, will be using the handset for few more days and will update only if I find any issues. If you have updated you can leave your feedback or for any issues that you might have encountered.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -