UC browser is one of the most popular browser in India. They have rolled out the latest versions – 9.9.0 for Android and 3.6 for windows. UC browser now comes with PNR status checker feature. The browser not only provides high speed by automatically optimizing itself based on the network speed but also enhances user experience with host of features.

There is auto page that divides content into pages and automatically loads the next one when you have reached the end – for seamless browsing experience. Browsing Speed / Download Speed is getting faster and better with every update. UC Browser also comes with gesture control, quick read, night brightness mode, translator, unzip utility, QR scanner / Generator and Facebook photo uploader add-on.

This browser now comes with an interesting feature that I am sure many users would love to use. It is the intelligent PNR status checker. It is a free service and can be accessed via train.ucweb.com on android, windows and iOS platforms.

You can check the Indian railway PNR status without having to enter any registration or captcha just enter the PNR number. The browser will remember the PNR number so you don’t need to add it again to check the status updates.

UC Browser pnr and train status

You can also get real time train status, just enter the train number and the browser will keep you informed in real time. If you had used the PNR status inquiry the train number will automatically be recommended.

Try the intelligent PNR status checker on UC Browser and post your feedback as comment below.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in