MiUi 6 is here simple yet visually stunning

The MiUi 6 is here. This is the latest customized system from Xiaomi based on Android KitKat. The first thing that you will notice is its simplicity, yet it is visually stunning. It has got a completely new makeover with improved performance and better battery life.

MiUi 6 is made for better user experience. This ROM comes with features placed in the right place for easy accessibility. The design and icons has been changes they are simple and easy to use / understand. The apps has been revamped and irrelevant things has been removed.

You can now access the notification center from any screen, even from the lock screen. The New MiUi comes with more power saving modes that will get more juice out of the battery, when the % is low.

MiUi 6 incorporates several RAM & Kernel optimization techniques to deliver faster and efficient app performance. You can now easily block unwanted calls with several options from contact / dialer, and there is a lot more to explore.

MiUi 6 launched in China

This new version will be rolled out on other Xiaomi devices, however no specific dates have been mentioned.


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