Motorola has started rolling out Android Lollipop updates on Moto X and Moto G devices (2nd Generation). Some users in India have reported the same. The update file size on the 2nd Generation Moto X is about 575MB.

After the immense success of Moto G, Motorola then launched the Moto G 2nd Gen and the Moto X 2nd Gen in India. Now the good news is both these devices can be upgraded to the latest Android 5 Lollipop for free. The updates are available over the air and the file size is around 600MB.

Make sure you use Wi-Fi or faster connection (3G) to download the update. The battery should be above 50%, higher the better. If possible take a backup. After the update the phone will auto restart. Once you update to the latest android version, you cannot revert back.

Moto X 2nd gen get lollipop update

If you own the 2nd gen Moto X or the Moto G devices, do let us know if you have received and downloaded the update and the experience, performance after the update.

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  1. After updating moto g 2 in version lollipop. My mobile not getting E or H during internet. Not proper working internet. Pls help friends..

  2. Hello Friends,

    I have updated my 1st Gen Moto G with the latest android update which is lolipop through OTA file size was about 350 mb or something , but as soon its updated I fond my phone acting slow and started lagging, other than that many apps are not responding eg: MX player, Call Blocker etc. now i want to get back to Kitkar please advice how do I do it. by the way my phone is not rooted. Please help.

  3. Hi Folks,

    My Moto G 1st generation start receiving Android 5.0 lollipop update….file size is 356.5 MB and and started updated through wi-fi, it may take 1-2 hours depending on the speed of the broadband. My wait is over for Lollipop update….



  4. Android Lollipop white coloured background in the app drawer looks ugly.
    I personally did not like it when I saw it in my friends mobile.
    I would prefer kitkat over lollipop.
    Guyz do not hurry.
    Wait for the reviews and screenshots before you update your device.
    Better late then to regret later.
    MY vote for Kitkat. 😉

  5. Dear gogi. I have motog2 .plz tell me that if i will update my device than i will loss my all deta or not.

  6. Is it worth to go for lolipop? In some forums it is said that android lolipop is full of bugs and it is better to stay on kitkat.

    1. Yup …lollipop is awesome… More fluid… More free RAM… More battery backup… And its guest mode is cool.

  7. Gogi, correct the headline from ‘ Mot G’ to ‘ Moto G’ .. And guys right now update is available only for Moto X 2nd gen.. You will get the android version 5.0.1 for Moto G (1 & 2) gen within few days. 🙂

        1. The Moto E will get the update for sure. But I’m not sure you’ll get it this early. Maybe by year end or early January. But you’ll surely get. 🙂

  8. hi gogi,
    plz review after lollipop update.
    for checking battery backup ,performance,
    available ram…etc
    plz try to review.

  9. Gogi ji can u confirm whether moto g first gen lollipop update has been rolled out or not. Its been said that already it has rolled out but i dint get any update message even after checking it manually

    1. Check in about phone, system update, if you don’t see any update wait for few days and check again.

  10. Hi Gogi Rana,
    I have received Android Update Lollipop on my Moto X 2nd Generation today Morning

    1. I have updated Moto X 2nd Generation to Android Lollipop but there is issue with Google Play

      1. You need to make a factory reset of your phone but make sure to backup all your data before format… Hope this will solve your problem.. If there is still remain any issue it will be solve out with the next update 5.0.1 after sometime..