The U8 is a Bluetooth Smartwatch that comes with a built in mic and speaker. The watch looks really good, unfortunately the screen is quite disappointing. The U8 is an outdated model and it would be better if you look for some other options. The U8 watch is available in 3 different colours.

Box Pack
It comes packed in a white coloured compact box. Inside the box you will get the watch, user manual, data cable and travel charger.

U8 smartwatch review
The U8 looks like a premium watch. It is enclosed in a glossy body with a silver base. The body is made up of plastic and the straps are made of good quality soft rubber; they blend well with the glossy body.

There are 3 touch buttons on the front. Overall look wise the watch is pretty impressive. There is a power button on the right side and micro USB port plus speaker out vent and a mic on the right side. Battery of 230 mAh comes built in. Watch is light weight at 44 grams and is 9.79mm thick.

U8 bluetooth smartwatch

So far so good but when you power on the watch you will be disappointed by the screen quality. It sports a 1.48 inch screen with 128 x 128 pixels resolution. You can clearly see the pixels in the image / text on the screen. The icons / text are not at all sharp. Touch response however is smooth.

The interface as well as the watch face looks dull, they are not at all attractive. This smartwatch supports Bluetooth 3.0 and comes with 230 mAh battery. The battery backup is good; will last for almost a day. There is 64MB of internal storage and that is used by the system, so in general you need a smartphone.

U8 bluetooth watch review

You can use the U8 to dial a number, make or receive calls without touching the phone. There is pedometer to monitor your steps, barometer and altimeter (measure the altitude).

The speaker volume is okay but it vibrates. You can play music on the phone and control it using the watch. You can also control the smartphone camera.

The U8 watch look really good and battery backup is also decent enough. The screen is a big disappointment – this watch is already outdated, would be better to check the AtonGM 007 or the ZGPAX G15.

You can buy the U8 from for $29.99 use coupon code: U8CN (valid up to 31st  December 2014).

The watch is also available in water proof version – you can get it for $33.99 use Coupon code: U8PROCN (Both available in white and black color) (valid up to 31st December).


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