The ZGPAX S15 is another low cost Smartwatch that comes with built in microphone and speaker. It is a Bluetooth watch that also includes a camera (on the strap) and 8GB of internal storage.

Box Pack
The box contains the S15 smartwatch, user manual, data cable and micro USB to 3.5mm audio cable. You can use the micro USB to 3.5mm cable to connect wired earphone.

Design and Display
The watch design look great it is silver metal with plastic body and the wrist is made of good quality soft rubber. The watch is heavy it weighs about 71 grams and is 12.87mm thick. Build quality is good, the watch looks tough.

There is built in mic and loudspeaker. The mic is placed on the front bottom curve and speaker is placed on the front top curve on the metal frame. It is a capacitive touch screen display of size 1.54 inches supporting 240 x 240 pixels resolution. Touch is smooth and viewing angles is okay – not that great. There are 3 touch sensitive dedicated navigational buttons.

ZGPAX S15 review

When the screen is switched on you can see the glass edges inside when you look from a particular angle. The image quality is good. The strap can be easily replaced however the buckle strap comes with built in camera and it would be difficult getting a replacement in case the strap is damaged.

The watch does not auto switch on when you twist the wrist just like it does on premium smart watches. You will need to manually press the power button to switch on.

Micro USB port and power button is placed on the right side. There is a reset button on the back. Battery of 360 mAh capacity comes built in.

ZGPAX S15 camera

The ZGPAX S15 supports Bluetooth 3.0 and comes with 8GB of internal storage. You can use the micro USB port for charging the device and as a USB drive when connected with a PC.

Performance is good and smooth. There is a 2MP built in camera as mentioned on the box however the camera is with VGA resolution and it can shoot only still images.

There is pedometer to monitor your steps / calories burned. You can use the watch as a standalone audio player (making use of the 8GB storage). You can also use the watch for making and receiving calls without touching your smartphone. There is mic and speaker built it. The speaker sound is quite loud but at max volume the speaker vibrates.

There is a home screen that shows the time, date, Bluetooth / battery status and quick buttons to call logs, message and camera. Tap the screen to switch between home screen and watch face. There are 3 watch faces you can choose from.

You will need to download the BT notification app and install it to manage notification. The QR code (for the link) is on the watch (check video review).

The 360 mAh battery does a pretty good job. I have been using the watch for almost 35 hours and there is still 50% battery left. I am getting battery backup of over 2 days with normal to moderate usage.

Apart from the speaker vibration and VGA camera I did not find any issues. The battery backup is really good much, much better than the AtonGM W007 watch.

A good low cost option if you are looking for a Smartwatch with good battery backup.

You can buy the ZGPAX S15 from for $58.33 use Coupon code: S15CN valid up to 31st December 2014.

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  1. My zgpax s15 smartwatch keeps intermittently losing its connection with my lg optimus l70 smart phone, while my watch is on my wrist and my phone is on my hip. My phone still shows the Smartwatch as connected but the watch shows BT not connected. Whats up with that!?

    1. Same thing happens to me. I’m using a LG G3 phone and my watch loses connectivity continuously. I found that another app called “mediatek smart device” works decent with my phone and my watch. Try to download this other app from play store.

  2. Hi Gogi,

    What about ZGPAX S28 is it worth to buy?

    Can we connect simultaneously blue tooth head set and android mobile with this S28 watch? I mean can we speak the calls from android phone through BT headset when the watch is connected with phone via BT?

    Please reply I would like to buy one.

  3. Hi Gogi,
    1.Is it worth buying ZGPAX S28?
    2.It shows $42.58 in Gearbest what will be the final cost, custom’s duty and delivery charges?
    3.Can we connect both bluetooth head set and android mobile simultaneously with this S28 watch? I mean can we speak through BT headset when the watch is connected with phone ?
    Please reply I want to buy ZGPAX S28.
    Thank you.

  4. already bought the ZGPAX S15 on this store. thank you so much for the review and sharing the coupon.

  5. Hi Gogi,

    Have you purchased this watch from GearBest? Is it a reliable site to transact?
    I read many bad reviews about this site.
    How many days did it take for them to deliver it here?

    Thank you.

    1. I got it from Gearbest, if you want to buy then go for express shipping (will cost extra) or at least registered post. Express shipping you will get it within 10 working days even faster and register post will take 15 to 30 days. Also note you will need to pay customs if needed depending on invoice value use this to get the idea

    1. Spice is with SIM card this one is not, but if you look at the battery backup it looks amazing on ZGPAX S15.