Zebronics the leading supplier of consumer electronics and computers has launched Zeb-PG4400 and Zeb-PG2200 power banks in India for Rs. 900 and Rs. 400 respectively.

The Zebronics Zeb-PG4400 is available in lively orange and smoked grey colour options. It has got a curvy design that is scratch resistant, light weight at 120 grams and with rubber finishing. This power bank comes with USB port to connect the power bank with other micro USB supported devices.

Zeb-PG4400 as the name suggests comes with a 4400 mAh battery it can not only charge your smartphone / tablets but can also be used as a torch – yes it does come with built in LED, this power bank can come really handy in case of emergency situations.

The Zebronics Zeb-PG2200 comes with a 2200 mAh battery and is available in black and light blue colour options. It also houses a USB port.

Zebronics Zeb-PG4400 power bank

Both these power bank comes with over charging, output / input short protection. These power banks can be recharged using a 5V-DC adapter. In general the Zeb-PG4400 can charge a smartphone two times.

Zeb-PG4400 is priced at Rs. 900 and Zeb-PG2200 comes for Rs. 400 – with one year warranty.

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  1. The only game in power bank field is Xiaomi Power Banks 10,400 mAh and 5200 mAh., priced very competitively @ Rs 999 and 599…i am using two 10,400 mAh since past 2 months almost and they are both the best in market, at any price in fact better than the Sony CP-F2LS/BC purchased by my son for 3k some time ago.

  2. I am hesitating to call them as “power banks”. Probably a missing “0” after their mentioned capacities could make that a real deal IMHO.

  3. i think the xiomi mi power bank are better than all ! although i have not used them but as per user feedback and price and charging capacity, and quality i think they are the best.

    1. Yes true, I have Mi 1000 mah power bank for My mi3,and it’s good, it charges my phone twice with full charge.