Timex has added the One GPS+ Smartwatch to its IronMan series. The Timex IronMan One GPS+ is a standalone watch with built in 3G support and host of features. It can be pre-ordered for $399 and $439 with heart rate monitor.

This Smartwatch is targeted at athletes. It is powered by Qualcomm processor and sports a 1.5 inch screen that is always on even when you are not using the screen. The screen is using low powered Mirasol display technology and is viewable under direct sunlight.

The watch is water resistant – can be submerged to up to 150 feet. There is built in SIM slot with 3G support. You don’t need to carry your smartphone. There is built in 4GB storage – good enough to carry MP3’s for on the move entertainment.

The IronMan One GPS+ also supports Bluetooth, GPS and optional HRM (Heart rate monitor). This Smartwatch also comes with the “find me mode” that will send GPS location, speed / distance alert to pre-defined numbers in case of emergencies.

Timex IRONMAN ONE GPS+ stand alone watch with 3G

The battery mAh is not yet disclosed but as per the company it will last for about 3 day with normal usage and with heavy usage (GPS on) the expected backup time is about 8 hours. No word if and when this stand alone Smartwatch will be made available in India.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in