Spice Mobiles today, have launched an interesting gadget the Spice Pulse which is a standalone watch with dual SIM support. It is Java based, can make direct calls and can connect with almost all Android phones.

The Spice Smart Pulse MRP is Rs. 4,999 but will be available for as low as Rs. 3,999. It comes with dual SIM slots and as already mentioned this Smartwatch is Java based. Though this Smartwatch can be used like a phone you can connect it with your smartphone.

If you are using the SIM on this watch why would you use a smartphone without the SIM. And if you are using this watch without the SIM then it makes no sense at all. Apart from that it will make sense if you have multiple phones such that you can use 2 or 1 SIM on the watch and another on your smartphone. I am not sure if the watch can be used to make a call via the smartphone.

Smart Pulse sports a 1.5 inch full touch screen with 240 x 320 pixels resolution. This watch supports 2G (GPRS/EDGE) and you can use that to surf the net (WAP) on the watch. The internal memory (size unknown) can store up to 300 contacts. Micro SD card of up to 8GB is supported.

Spice Smart Pulse java based smartwatch with dual SIM support

The Pulse comes with a 420 mAh battery and supports Bluetooth. I don’t think there is built-in speaker or mic and you will need to use a Bluetooth device connected with the watch for making / receiving calls. It can connect with android phones and can access contact list / messages. It can also be used to remotely control the smartphone camera.

This Smartwatch will be available on Homeshop 18 on 11th of this month for Rs. 3,999 (with free Bluetooth device).

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Published by Gogi Rana

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  1. I want to buy this smart watch ….plz say its features is good or not….its range is how much meter…..plz anyone one can help me to head toward it.

  2. Hi Gogi Bro.
    Did you got this device?
    If so, please review it. It’s not been delivered took me till now. I atleast have a chance to cancel, in case. ☺

    1. Nishad, I have the device and using it, review will take few more days as I have some other review pending, but it is good as a stand alone watch phone.

        1. I have not yet connected with the phone but even if you connect all you can do is share the contact, and at the most get notification on the watch, I don’t think it will control the phone, will check later.

  3. This (smart) watch was just a bit away from success! But failed for few reasons…

    Java based
    No Android
    No tethering
    If no Voice call

    Hope to see other brands to develop the same in coming time…

    1. Bhai,
      bachhe ki haan loge kya ?
      1.5 inch me android & 3g ?

      These so called Indian brands doesn’t even know that what Chinese are sending to them they (Indian brands) just tell Chinese that make anything and print my brand name and send it to various warehouses of flipkart/HS18/snapdeal etc* along with Hindi printed manual also even flipkart have better knowledge about the specs.

      There products listed on flipkart first after a week it is updated on their sites so don’t bother about these. Just who cares ? If we even think for 5 minutes about these craps our whole day will be wasted b’coz of our superb Indian phone launch speed daily 2-3 launch what is this? xolo 200, xolo 300, xolo 400, xolo 500, xolo 600 after that xolo 200q….300q…400q…after that xolo 200s….300s…400s…..then 200i..300i..what is this? and we ? We still bifurcating that this has 192 ppi and other has 192 with 50mah more battery and other has even flash wait wait some thing is coming with 194 ppi with xxxXxxxx res ohhhh no flash wait some one has same with flash OMG no font cam, sh*t man.. WAKE UP FRIENDS.

  4. So now we may see market being flooded with these cheap below 5k smart watches from all brands..

  5. KenXinDa Ver. 2, Chinese Watch Phone, Java based, Touch with Separate Numeric keys, with inbuild mic, speaker, dual sim, 8Gb Micro SD, Bluetooth,
    available for less than 1700 in open market. We have used version 1 of the same. Spice watch could be similar.

  6. There is a speaker vent (ear piece) at top of the screen and mic hole at the bottom of the screen.. -_-

      1. Gogi, the page you have specified for specs is not valid. Kindly check it.

  7. Gogi, looking at the pic I can tell it has speaker as well as mic and these watches can b used with tablets which doesn’t have calling functions I guess.