You might have already seen the Samsung smart watch the Galaxy Gear 2, you can make calls using the Gear 2 only if it is paired with the smartphone (calls via the smartphone). And now Samsung is working on a standalone smartwatch that will be capable enough to make a call / receive a call without the need of a smartphone.

Rumors suggest the new standalone Smartwatch could be called the Samsung SOLO. Most probably just like as seen on the Gear 2 the new watch could also run on the Tizen wearable operating system.

As per the report published on wall street journal the new watch will be able to make / receive calls. It will house with a SIM slot. The watch will also include a (single) camera. Other common features like Bluetooth, GPS and probably Wi-Fi will come built in. The heart rate monitor might also get included.

Samsung standalone smartwatch coming soon

The good part about the Samsung standalone watch is that it can be used as a fitness device and as a phone, however browsing on the watch many not be that comfortable, and of course there will be a lot of limitations as compared with a smartphone. There are many standalone (Chinese) smart watches available in the market, not sure yet how users will respond to this technology.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -