Almost all of the handsets especially smartphones heat up when they are used for a longer time. Some smartphones may heat up much more than the others, there are many reasons that might lead to the heat build up.

There are 4 main reasons why your handset may be heating up too much.

  1. Hardware issue

    In very few cases it will be linked to a hardware defect. In most cases you might immediately notice it even with normal usage and mostly likely within the first few days of buying the handset. This means you an easily get a replacement and that is what you should be doing. And in a very rare case the hardware may fail ultimately lead to heat up i.e. after few months or years.

  2. Software issue

    The smartphones today are like a mini computers, the moment you get it, you will start downloading new apps and games. Some apps may not be properly optimized and may even be working in the background (almost all handsets supports multitasking). This could lead to heat up. So you need to watch out for the apps you are installing and if you find abnormal performance / heat up remove the last app that had installed.

  3. Connectivity

    Keeping the Wi-Fi, GPS or even data networks on when not required may lead to heat up. Take the example of GPS, the moment you start using the handset the GPS will try getting a lock and if you are indoor it will never happen. Same goes with the Wi-Fi, it will keep checking for new Wi-Fi networks in case you are not connected.The best bet is to disable these features when not required. It will not only reduce heat build up but also improve battery backup.

  4. Surrounding Temperature

    Many smartphone users don’t realize that surrounding temperature plays a very important role in the smartphone performance and heat build up. Also since the smartphone is a portable device it moves with you wherever you go.

    What happens to your body when you are in a hot or a cold environment, well in hot environment you get hot, start sweating and when in a cold environment you get cold, start freezing. The same rule applies to any gadgets you may be using. In cold environment the smartphone will hardly heat up and in a hot environment it will get hotter much faster. The maximum comfortable smartphone temperature is 48 to 50 degrees.

    smartphone getting hot?

    Now imaging you are in a room with 23 degree temperature the handset will not heat up much probably the max temperature might be between 38 to 48 degrees. Now if you perform the same task as you did in the 23 degree environment; outdoor in 35 to 45 degree temperature you cannot expect the same temperature rise, heat build up will be much faster and might reach over 48 degrees in a matter of minutes.

    Using the camera outdoor (under direct sunlight) will also make the handset heat up faster. The best option would be to avoid using the handset outdoor in extreme heat, unless necessary.

When you buy a new handset..
Use it without installing any applications for few days to get an idea about the performance and heat-up. If you feel it’s good you can go ahead and start installing the applications, but do keep track of the apps that you have installed recently, just in case if you face any issues later on.

Facing some other issues check this out – Android trouble shooting guide.

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  1. I have bought micromax canvas xpress 2 one and half year ago…
    Now my cpu temperature rise very quickly it goes to maximum 76℃
    Only daily useful app has in my fon like YouTube,wahtsaap,facebook,wps office ..
    There is no game in my fon …
    Then why CPU temperature rise very quickly
    Average cpu temperature is around 45 toh 59
    And another problem is fon hang(stopped) for sometimes and I have only one choice i.e to reboot the fon when the fon stop process

    Help me

    1. CPU Temp and Battery temp are different, CPU Temp will be very high and it will fluctuate, ignore CPU Temp and keep a watch on battery temp.

  2. I bought lenovo k4 note sometime my handset temperature increased 55-58 deg am i safe or not plz tell me

    1. Are you looking at battery temp or CPU temp, CPU temp will be higher. Battery temp should not be that much.

  3. sir ,I have lenovo k4 note and it goes maximum 47 degrees outdoor …it is safe or not…
    plz tell me ,so that I could take further steps of replacements

  4. I bought moto g 3 mobile one month ago. I can’t found any issues for last week but my mobile was heating when browsing internet time could u pls give me any tips to cool down my device issues…

  5. Gogi sir my panasonic p41 temperature is between 40-48°C while playing games. it is normal. सर मैने 2बार सर्विस सेंटर में भी दिखाया ताबिभी tem. कम नहीं हुवा। तो ये सॉफ्ट वेयर का प्रॉब्लम है या हार्डवेयर का।

  6. Hi! Gogi
    My yu yureka when kept idle ie screen is for long time off without any task it shows 31-33C.
    When using internet and downloading at 2g network for 15-20mins it shows 55-58C.
    When playing game like subway surfer it shows 44-48C and sometime goes to 50C if played for 20mins or above
    I am using CPU temperature app to check temperature
    My question is whether phone is behaving normal or not
    And is there any way to solve it

  7. can u pls tell whats the usual cpu and battery temperature for redmi 1s… because it heats up a lot..!! 🙁

  8. got my new canvas colours a day back…bt very disappointed bcoz of its poor battery back up and heating issue…without playing any games the phone reaches to 36degrees

  9. Hi Gogi,

    I recently bought Google Nexus 7 (2013) with SIM support, after few minutes of normal usage which include internet surfing with WiFi and playing couple of HD videos….temperature of Battery reached to 36 degree C… is it normal..????

  10. in case of heating problem u can enable developer option and select auto kill app or allow app to be killed once u leave it after some time the process that is causing the heat up will stop and disable the developer option then…….

  11. This is nothing my karbonn A9 star heated over 56 degreed
    but then I rooted it installed busy box and rohesoft ram expander then enabled swap and magic
    now temperature below 39 degrees

  12. Hi Friends,

    Is thr any good app which gives alarm once battery fully charged to prevent over charging
    Currently I m having battery Doctor app whose alarm is not long & loud

  13. Gogiji,
    If a handset is restored to factory settings will the apps which were moved to the SD card will also get removed ?

    1. Factory reset is like a format and reinstalling the OS. It will bring back the handset to the same state was it was when you first opened the box pack. All new apps you downloaded will be removed and in case you have moved the pre-installed apps to SD card it will be there but on the internal card (you will need to move it again).

  14. Gogi sir
    how will rate moto e battery back up, considering other phones in this price range. And which phone has good battery life in this price range.

  15. Gogi one more very common cause is using wrong charger for a long time. Doing so changes the impedence of circuits permanently. And the result is overheating.

  16. If ur handset heats up lot then reset ur handset and then check. this is best way to solve all problems. and then again install apps and check which apps cause the problem.

  17. props to Gogi for this brilliant article.
    I have noticed that disabling sync increases the battery performance.
    I also keep Google Maps disable as well as Gmail because I can always use Chrome browser instead.

  18. Great article. Gogi sir my moto g’s temperature is between 40-44°C while playing games in a room (without ac).do u think it’s normal and i also have a local flip cover over it.

    1. Up to 48 degrees its okay, if it gets too hot then better stop playing. Take small breaks.

  19. Thank you so much gogi sir you previously helped me with the heating issue i have faced with my phone this topic section will help for all who is experiencing heating issue with their phones

  20. Congrats for the excellent work done by you & your team. Also I request you to write positives & negatives of mobile phones so that it could be useful to decide while purchasing. I would like to know more of Panasonic p81. Also your opinion regarding value of money

  21. my canvas 2 colours get warm during normal usage and get kinnda hot when playing game like asphalt 8 and while using camera soo is this normal?

    1. I got the replaced unit of Canvas 2 colors A120 from Flipkart. Its not heating as much it was heating before. The temp is max 40degree . I checked with CPU-Z

      1. I bought lenovo s660 from flipkart then i am facing heating issue i also factory resetted phone and notice temperature but same issue i used the phone for about 10 min temp goes to 44 c and i played games subway surf for 15 min with 50% brightness teme goes to 46 c and i requested for a replacement request then they accepted it i am gonna get new phone within 3 days

  22. Hi gogi, heat dissipation gets block when we put covers and silicon cover. it will lead to high temperature on battery.

    1. To some extent yes and more if the speaker vents or other opening are covered.