Hugo Barra had apologized for limited Mi3 stocks and promised that the Mi3 stock will be increased. The 3rd flash sales was with an additional 5,000 units (Total 15,000) and the coming sale, tomorrow will be with approx 20,000 units.

Those who failed to get the Mi3, here is some good news the stocks have increased a little but the success changes are still slim. As per the import data this time, Xiaomi have imported about 20,000 units. I guess they will keep increasing the stocks for subsequent sales.

You still need to register to buy the Mi3, and make sure to login few minutes before the sales begin. It is all about timing and luck. Hopefully as the stock increases the mad rush of the Mi3 will decrease.

Xiaomi has so far sold approx 35,000 Mi3’s in India.


Tip: Gaurav Singh.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -