It is indeed difficult using your Mobile phone while driving, but with Navdy, things are about to change. Navdy is a transparent HUD (Head up display) that interacts with your iPhone or Android devices and shows up the content right ahead – transparent and floating 6 feet in front of you – it’s like driving in the future!

Have you ever used a smartphone while driving and specially when you are using it for directions, well you can use voice based navigation option but there are times you would anyway look on the screen. You cannot focus on both road / phone simultaneously.

The Navdy device is here to bridge that gap. It uses HUD commonly used in airplanes. It doesn’t need any service plans and works with iOS and Android platforms. For input you can use touch less gestures (swipe left to answer / swipe right to cancel a call). You can also use voice recognition to tweet, make calls, play music, compose text messages and more.

The Navdy is powered by dual core processor and runs KitKat out of the box. It is portable and comes with a powered friction mount. There is an internal speaker and microphone with noise cancellation. This device gets power from 12 volt adapter. Key features are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, IR camera for gesture control, accelerometer, light and magnetic sensor.

Navdy navigation


There is a high quality projector that projects info on a 5.1 inch HUD that appear to be floating 6 feet away. The Navdy HUD retail price is $499 but can be pre-ordered now for $299 (the product will be shipped in early 2015).

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -