A Reliance smartphone user, yesterday, tweeted about his horrifying experience with LYF smartphone. As per the user his family had a narrow escape after the Reliance LYF phone that he was using burst into flames.

There have been reports of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding and there were also reports about the iPhone 7 meeting the same fate, and now it’s with the Reliance LYF smartphone. Well this is not the first time a reliance LYF phone caught fire, few days back there was another incident where Reliance LYF Water 1 smartphone exploded injuring the users hand.

Tanvir Sadiq’s recent tweet about his narrow escape when reliance phone exploded and burst into flames raises concerns over smartphone safety. It is unclear if the user was using the phone when the incident happened.

reliance lyf phone catches fire, explodes

In general smartphone batteries are quite vulnerable, a slight leak can result in an explosion. Furthermore avoid using the handset when it is being charged and keep a check on the battery temperature.

If the battery temperature is on the higher side even when the handset is not in use, then better get the handset checked at the service center. And yes never leave a phone unattended when it is being charged.

Reliance officials have taken note of the matter and are investigating.