All new Jio users getting a new SIM registered from 4th December will be able to use free data / voice till 31st March 2017. All existing Reliance Jio users will automatically get the Jio Happy New Year offer extension after 31st December 2016.

What do users get with Jio Happy New Year offer?

Reliance will be providing free data and free voice, the same as with the Welcome offer but with more restrictions when it comes to data usage per day. Users can however make / receive unlimited calls.

What is the Jio Happy New Year offer validity and will new users get Welcome offer?

If you are not yet using a Jio SIM, you should get one. But unfortunately all new Jio connection will get the Jio Happy New Year offer and not the welcome offer. There is  data cap difference when you compare Welcome and Happy New Year.

What is the major difference between Jio happy New year offer and Jio welcome offer?

Jio Welcome Offer that most of the users are currently using comes with unlimited voice, data, video, Jio apps and WiFi usage but with a FUP / Cap limit of 4GB per day, after that users can still use the data at a much lower speed.

The new Reliance Jio Happy New Year also offers the same but with a FUP (fair usage policy) / Cap limit of 1GB per day.

Jio happy new year offer data cap / FUP of 1GB per day

Reliance has reduced the FUP usage to 1GB based on the usage data for the new Happy New Year offer. About 20% users are using disproportionately high data and this leads to an overall poor experience for all the users. About 80% users consume less than 1GB data per day – based on this data the Jio Happy New year offer comes with fair usage policy of 1GB per day.

Reliance however will be offering paid top-up options post 1GB data.

Top-Up Pack

1GB top-up valid for 1 day for Rs. 51 and 6GB top-up Valid for 28 days for Rs. 301.

Will existing users get Happy New Year Offer?

Yes all existing users using Preview or welcome offer will automatically get the Happy New Offer extension from 1st January 2017.

What is the process of getting a Reliance Jio SIM?

The process is the same, you can use eKYC for faster / instant processing.