Coolpad launched the Mega 3 and the Note 3S in India. The Mega 3 is MediaTek quad core powered priced at Rs. 6,999 and the Note 3S is Snapdragon 415 powered for Rs. 9,999. These handsets supports VoLTE. Are these a better option when compared with the undisputed Redmi 3S Prime / Redmi Note 3?

Coolpad Mega 3 vs Redmi 3S / 3S Prime.

The Coolpad Mega 3 is MediaTek powered, it’s quad core but the key highlight is the triple SIM with 4G LTE / VoLTE support. So in case your requirement is of using 3 SIM’s together then the Mega 3 is the only option.

But in general specifications wise the Mega 3 is not as powerful as the Redmi 3S or the Redmi 3S Prime (these Redmi’s are Snapdragon 430 power packed), so if you ignore the triple SIM option then it makes sense to go in for the Redmi’s.

Coolpad Mega 3 vs Xiaomi Redmi 3S / 3S prime

Coolpad Note 3S vs Redmi Note 3

Again if you compare the Note 3S that is using Snapdragon 415 and the Redmi Note 3 that comes with Hexa Core Snapdragon 650 the Redmi Note 3 is powerful.  Note 3S can also be compare with the Redmi 3S Prime (SD 430 vs SD 415).

Redmi Note 3 is priced at 9,999 with 2GB RAM and Rs. 11,999 with 3GB RAM. But even the 2GB RAM note 3 variant is worth it.

Coming to battery performance Coolpad Note 3S (2500 mAh) vs Redmi Note 3 (4000 mAh) – hands down Redmi Note 3 wins.

Coolpad Note 3S vs xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Coolpad Note 3S or the Redmi Note 3 which one to buy?

Makes sense to go with the Redmi Note 3, regarding the camera quality we will need to check but looking at the detailed camera specifications the camera quality will be better on Redmi handsets.

Redmi Note 3 / 3S / 3S Prime has been trending for such a long time, still remains unchallenged, still waiting for that worthy competitor.