Though there is no official confirmation from Reliance or Xiaomi about the Jio Preview offer, there is some unconfirmed news about Jio Preview offers for Redmi Note 3 users. Reliance is already offering the Preview on selected Samsung devices.

If you call Reliance or Xiaomi service center, they know what you know, they have no clue about the offer. Users need to download the Jio app, install and run it, then generate the bar-code that will allow them to get a SIM with Jio Preview offer.

Now this works from selected Samsung devices that have already been approved by Reliance. Have any of you been able to get the Jio offer on Redmi Note 3? I really doubt it, if there was something, Reliance and Xiaomi would have definitely made it public.

Redmi Note 3 Jio preview offer fake?

Probably some glitch on the MyJio app that made someone lucky!

What you do think? can anyone confirm this?

Update : Akash Kumar Dey had called Jio customer care and as per the conversation – the offer is only available for Samsung mobiles users, but later on it will be rolled out to other brands too, but for now only Samsung mobiles.

Check the recorded conversation here – Skip it up to 2:25.

It is now confirmed that there is  a bug on the Jio app that allows bar code to be generated at times, the Reliance Jio personals have been strictly advised not to  issue SIM’s / active offers for users using any other handset other than some selected Samsung models and Reliance LYF smartphones, for now.

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  1. Sir iigot jio sim from dealer without barcode. How can iiuse offer of unlimited data and calls on redmi note3.please tell

  2. I’ve got the sim for redmi note 3 but only 2gb data given to me can any one fix my prob plz

    1. in lyf phone also it shows 2 gb data 100 mins calling, after using this, data & talktime will continue to use unlimited, try and post after consumin 2 gb & 100 mins, will you continue to use data and calling, please reply, because i also want to purchase redmi note 3 or le eco 2

    2. Dear how can get barcode I have download all apps but jio offer not show pls give me solution
      Redmi note 3

  3. I have code but reliance care denied to give me sim card ! So now what i do ? Should i bring Samsung mobile and get the sim ?

  4. sim toh mil gaya…..code generate kiya leEco le2 pr……activate bhi ho gaya lekin verification nahi ho paa raha hai 1977 pr……call karte hi disconnect ho ja raha hai…..any one has solution regarding my trouble…..then plz help me…..

    1. your mobile doesn’t support Volte so first activate data from other no. given toll free Then activate jiojoin & activate your calls & sms

  5. Got sim, activate on asus zenphone 2, but because it is not volte so no incoming & out going, can call only from jio to jio.

  6. Can we use this Sim to any 4G VoLTE phone i.e. unlocked for all 4G devices !!

  7. Friends i need to know that can we use this Sim in any 4G VoLTE smartphone or its specific to the device by which the code has been generated.Please reply.

  8. Frnds I am from patna, after generating code from my redmi note 3 I got sim yesterday. Today this activated & i m enjoying free 4G. I was lucky becz they did not ask me to show samsung handset. But immediately after that they denied others & asked to bring samsung mobile then only sim will be given.

  9. I generated code on my Redmi Note 3 and went to Reliance Digital express mini store. They denied any such offer on Redmi note 3. Further they said they can’t say or anything untill and they get mail from officials regarding the offer. So now I doubt if the news was true.

  10. (a) Do we need to show the Phone, along with the activation code.?
    (b) Is it possible to know about the Model/Make of the Mobile from the Activation Code, itself.?
    I am a Redmi Note 3 User..

  11. I received Jio sim for my redmi note3, I generated code & went to store. All three store denied to give sim but fourth store check my phone & agree to give sim & the sim has activated now. I happy ☺☺☺.

  12. In my area they are giving Jio 4G Sim cards without any doubts. If any one not using their codes then plz pass on to me so I can get the Sim. If any one has more then ine code then I can also send I Sim card to their address by courier.If any one interested then plz do contact me. Thanks in advance.

    1. from where you belong to….and in which handset you use this offer……i need your help

        1. I’m also from Jaipur I tried on digital xpress they are not giving sim. Please help me bro which store did you visited??

          1. Please go to Vaishali Nagar or Kalwar Road(Jhotwara) stores.I got 1 Sim at 8:30PM today.

      1. Till now tried in Redmi Note 3 which I bought a friend of mine. Need 1 for myself as well.

    2. Yes bro I have successfully generated the code using RM3 but reliance stores are refusing me sim. Can you help me get the sim from your area. BTW I am from pune.

  13. Today I went to Digital Express Mini near my location with two of my codes generated in Redmi Note 3 & LeEco Le 2 but they refused to give a sim against that codes. They told me that they have specific instructions to ignore codes generated by any phone rather than Lyf & selected Samsung devices.

  14. New Jio app update, looks like the bug is fixed. Can anyone confirm if they are getting the Jio offer code now on Redmi Note 3 or any other handset other than Samsung.

    1. Yes it is fixed now now it doesn’t generate code for other than Samsung phones

  15. I got offer code and sim activation take place in 10 hours. But only 2 gb data 100 min call and 100 sms with 3 months validity. My handset is op2. If code had generated they must have to give sim. I think they are testing handset compatibility and after positive feed back they will give this offer to every one till launch because they also need more subscriber to test.

    1. From where you belong to? when I went to reliance store, they are asking for samsung handset plz tell about your handset.

    2. Well had you completed step 2 after activation of sim….

      The next step after activation of sim is to,

      Reopen the myjio app (if uninstalled all jio related apps earlier, then redownload or if you made their backup reinstall them)….

      Now, you will see avail the offer at the same position where earlier it was written as, Get Jio sim…

      Click that tab progress further… Your unlimited offer will begin….

        1. Hey Brother…. My friend is having samsung galaxy a5 2016 and I personally had a talk with luf customer care… They helped me out in understanding how the total process is going to be followed up…

          Well, I use Xiaomi Redmi 1s

          I had generated bar code too on my redmi 1s…. I visited the store but they denied as they were asking for samaung galaxy a+ series

    1. Is it working with full unlimited offer of 3 months or only with 2 GB data offer ?
      Coz i too got code and went to get sim. But Reliance guy told me that I will b able to enjoy on 2GB data.

  16. I got a samsung galaxy J7 can i get the jio sim. If yes then can i use that sim in a diff mobile. Since I got a an unlimited broadband connection. Plz rply gyz

    1. In hazratganj, lucknow…

      The jio store officials were asking for a+(pricewise higher) series…

      I asked for my bro’s j5 and j7 both 2015 models but they denied…

      Well, I will still suggest you to have a visit on your nearest store to try your luck

  17. Most probably we know this naughty cheap plan by reliance on coming Wednesday, so who got it Plz share it for others to stand in Q 😀

  18. One of my friend, who worked in jio, told me, that officially they will announce more handsets(of other companies) for their sim on Monday or Tuesday. kaash Asus zenfone 2 bhi ho…

  19. Reliance digital has refused to provide the offer for Redmi note 3 and saying that sim will not be given for preview offer.

  20. Hope no one here is getting caught with the scam on JIO-4G.COM. That lures people by offering lyf handset with 3 month free call/data for mere 99 inr.

    Beware and not get into the scam!!!

  21. I got the code on Lenovo Vibe P1. Went to Reliance store with ID etc. They filled the form and gave me Jio SIM. They didn’t asked about my handset model etc. If it gets activated then its good, if not then also nothing to loose as the SIM and all process is free :p

  22. I had been to Reliance Gallery but they declined the offer for Redmi Note 3. Said that it is a system error and the offer is only for LYF and Samsung Galaxy series of phones.

  23. Today I got the Sim for RDMN3(saying I have Samsung A5). They said it will take 4-5days for activation. Anyone have idea about the activation. How much data I get Unlimited or 2GB.

  24. i went to store but they said the preview offer is only for Samsung for now ,and he said all other brand mobiles will get it in a month or 2months

  25. yeah m currently using jio sim on redmi note 3, i availed the offer with some tweaks n tricks.
    Install twrp n backup data if anything goes wrong and then flash custom roms with xposed tweaking ..thats it and enjoy unlimited data, voice calls.
    u won’t beleive just 1 week i consumed more than 350gb data

    1. for more details how to use just use ur brains and u r done, well i dnt wanna spread tricks on public coz anything can happen ..Redmi note 3 users enjoy 4g jio.


      regards, Sameer

      1. I tried that trick and lost IMEI no. of my YUPHORIA. Kindly tell me how to get my original IMEI on both sim ?

  26. Im using reliance 4g, n im from dehradun. Got the code yesterday, i instantly visited to reliance digital show thm the code n filled up a form n got a 4g sim of jio. Today i called on 1977, which is jio sim activation number n my sim activated instantly, getting 20-21mbps downloading speed.

    1. How much u get 2GB or unlimited data….have you activated your sim in redmi prime or Samsung

      1. on myjio app its showing 2gb limit but im using continuesly from dis morning, may be more then 7-8gb, n still no problem in using data or calls. no i have samsung galaxy A5 2015. tell me about u? ur city and ur handset? have u facing any problem regarding same?

  27. it looks like a bug in my jio app because in my redmi 2 prime it shows get jio sim option when there is no internet connection and then i can get the qr code with connecting to internet after getting the option, if we open the app with Internet already active it doesn’t show any option to get sim.

      1. Yes I have all 11apps installed, after getting the code I have just uninstalled one app and done the same process but the get jio sim option doesn’t appear,so all the 11apps should be installed to get the get jio sim option. I think any one with Android phone with 4g can get the code.

      1. Then any android phn can get the code. I doubt if they will give sim or not,if given it will be activated or not

  28. No currently they dont have any confirmation regarding this..I called up a friend working at Reliance digital. He told me that they are only informed about the samsung galaxy A series i.e A5,A7 and galaxy S7 series. They are strictly advised not to give sim cards other than these samsung phones and their lyf handsets…So it may be a software bug. Wait till any official confirmation.. And yes anyone can get the code…First download my jio app and all other jio apps…after that switch off the wifi and cellular data and open my jio app…you will see an option of Get Jio Sim…at that point connet to your wifi or cellular data and click that option…you will get the bar code…But unfortunately that wont work…!!!!

  29. Hi gogi.. Please if possible make a video review over installing miui 8 on redmi note 3 the public beta version.. Please….

  30. i installed my jio app pn my redmi note 3. but did not get any get jio sim option. kindly help how to get that badge.

    1. install all the jio apps then close the app. Now turn off data connectivity(wifi+mobile data). Now open the myjio app with data connectivity off and there you will find the option to get jio sim. After that turn on data connectivity and clicl on it.

  31. I got barcode i went to Digital express store , the guy at shop get confused seeing barcode on my lenovo k3note as he had only samsung phones preview offer. He asked me to wait for three days to get confirmation then he will give me sim card…

  32. I installed all geo app via my geo app but not found any bar or qr code to get the sim on my redmi note 3. There is no reliance digital store in my city kurukshetra. Can u help.

  33. Got the barcode. Reliance digital people are not updated yet about the offer. They gave me a sim and asked to wait until the official confirmation to them to process the sim activation.

  34. I got the sim but the store guys dont know about the offer on RN3. Now I dont know if it will get activated.

  35. I have got he sim with the code, but when they try to activate the sim with my code some error is there and not able to activate with that code 🙁

  36. Yes, I got BAR CODE on my redmi note 3,i went reliance digital show room,they said’, we did’nt get any confirmation from JIO,once got we will call you.

  37. i have got the qr code in my redmi 2 prime also, i have installed all jio apps and i have checked using idea 4g 10 times but i didnt get the code but when i kept network to only 2g and opened it showed get jio sim option and i clicked on it and i have got the qr code.

  38. Please tell the step by step process of getting Barcode and where to go in MyJio App. Not getting any option to get the barcode to get the Jim Sim..
    Please Help..

  39. I got the code on Zenphone 2 Laser also, don’t know store guys will give the SIM or not???

      1. install My Jio app and then install all the apps then you will find “Get Jio Sim” option in my Jio app.

      1. just open my jio app with gps on and from main screen open my jio app and go to top left corner and open menu and open store locator it will show you stores near your location with adress

    1. Bro did they asked for handset or just the bar code was enough. please reply soon, i have generated the code using a trick on xiaomi redmi 1s. but i am afraid if they will ask for handset too

      1. Some stores ask, and some some stores don’t. May be the sales person in such store is not aware of these tricks. I checked with 2 stores in Chennai and both denied to give a sim for Redmi Note 3. But I managed to get from third store. It is purely your luck. But he said, it will take 3 days for activation. Let’s see if it gets activated. All the best.

    2. Hey Shibu…

      May be you are speaking a lie or you are lucky..

      Because, At digital express mini store, Hazratganj, Lucknow…

      They are asking for samsung a series and above handsets

      They are not going to give it to any other handset generated codes