Redmi Note 3 users getting Jio Preview offer?

Though there is no official confirmation from Reliance or Xiaomi about the Jio Preview offer, there is some unconfirmed news about Jio Preview offers for Redmi Note 3 users. Reliance is already offering the Preview on selected Samsung devices.

If you call Reliance or Xiaomi service center, they know what you know, they have no clue about the offer. Users need to download the Jio app, install and run it, then generate the bar-code that will allow them to get a SIM with Jio Preview offer.

Now this works from selected Samsung devices that have already been approved by Reliance. Have any of you been able to get the Jio offer on Redmi Note 3? I really doubt it, if there was something, Reliance and Xiaomi would have definitely made it public.

Redmi Note 3 Jio preview offer fake?

Probably some glitch on the MyJio app that made someone lucky!

What you do think? can anyone confirm this?

Update : Akash Kumar Dey had called Jio customer care and as per the conversation – the offer is only available for Samsung mobiles users, but later on it will be rolled out to other brands too, but for now only Samsung mobiles.

Check the recorded conversation here – Skip it up to 2:25.

It is now confirmed that there is  a bug on the Jio app that allows bar code to be generated at times, the Reliance Jio personals have been strictly advised not to  issue SIM’s / active offers for users using any other handset other than some selected Samsung models and Reliance LYF smartphones, for now.


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