Airtel has introduced a new scheme for prepaid users, itโ€™s called Airtel Happy Hours. Under this scheme prepaid customers will get 50% of the data back when they consume data between 3 AM to 5 AM. Users can also schedule downloaded during the happy hours time and reap the benefit.

3AM to 5AM is the time when most users are offline. Airtelโ€™s Happy Hour wants users to use the data pack between 3AM to 5AM and whatever data is consumed during that time, Airtel will give 50% back.

There is no subscription required; it is active by default to all Prepad customers. Do note that happy hours will not apply to night data packs. If a user had not subscribed to any data pack they will still get 50% data based on charging of Rs. 0.4p/10kb.

Airtel happy hours - 50% data back

Airtel is also encouraging app developers to integrate Airtel Happy Hours on their app so as to give user option to auto download during the happy hours time, and get the benefit. The company has released API for developers.

For more information about Airtel Happy Hours visit Airtel website.

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  1. Airtel offering increased data benefits for pre-paid customers. Rs. 455 data pack that provides 4G/3G now comes with 3GB data limit instead of 2GB and so on other plans data has also been increased.

  2. Most useless n waste offer, you would have to be crazy in head to use phone 3AM to 5 AM, for God’s sake that is the best sleep time.

  3. Is se acha to mera Reliance 2G hai Rs. 56 me 10GB data deta hai 28 dino ke liye ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. but airtel had already gave 50% data back to the users ….infact they gave 50% data back from 12am to 6am…what about that sir

    1. Yes thats is what.. they reduced time of the scheme and making bigger advertisement now..

      where that airtel wali ladki wo baki sab friends ko raat se jagage mobile data use karne ko bolti hai