OnePlus company is already selling their OnePlus One (OPO) handset in India running Cyanogen OS. Unfortunately OPO sold in India will not get further Cyanogen Mod updates. OnePlus had already started working on their in-house OS development and as of now their new OS called OxygenOS is ready for download.

OnePlus (OP) has already posted the news on their official forum, with installation Guide. If you are using the OPO handset you can get it updated to OxygenOS. The update size is around 700MB, and make sure you backup your data.

OxygenOS is OnePlus own in-house project – it will get better with time as the company will be able to respond faster and fix issues based on user experience/ feedback. They wanted to make the OS light weight and fast, loaded with essential features rather than adding features just to make the OS look different.

The OxygenOS is here, they call it pure Android experience specially made & customized for the OnePlus One smartphone. Indian users have no option but to get the OxygenOS installed if they want further software updates. Customers using the OPO Global version can also upgraded to this new OS.

Download and install OxygenOS on OnePlus one smartphone

If you are a OPO user and have already installed it do leave your feedback.

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -