Cyanogen clarified again that Indian users who bought the OPO from outside India will get the update, however Indian users who bought the handset from India i.e. devices sold directly in India will not receive the update.

Well bad news, good news, and bad news again. The OnePlus One devices sold in India will not get the Cyanogen update. Cyanogen had earlier mentioned via a post that “OTA updates will be rolled out on global devices including global devices for users in India”, note the word Global Devices.

The latest post on their website now clarified that regional devices sold directly in India are not Global devices and will not get the update. They are committed with partnership with Micromax and will be moving forward with the YU brand. This means that the OPO in India is not the Global version. If you have bought the OPO from the website you will get the OTA updates.

Your take on this?

cyanogen U-Turn

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -