Cyanogen on their official blog post have confirmed that the Oneplus One that was recently launched in India will continue getting updates like the other OnePlus one devices. They have specifically mentioned that all global OPO devices including the ones sold in India will continue getting firmware updates.

Cyanogen have partnered with Micromax in India and will soon roll out the YU brand that will run Cyanogen OS out of the box. Cyanogen also mentioned on their blog post that they are a user centric company and wherever their OS is distributed they will support the users.

This is good news for Indian users they can go ahead and think about buying the OnePlus one handset. Some users had changed their decision after the inaccurate news about Cyanogen – OnePlus one India, rest assure the Cyanogen company is with their users and their partners.

OPO is available on for a price tag of Rs. 21,999. Consumers however will need an invite to buy one. The process of getting an invitation is mentioned here.

cyanogen updates will be available on OnePlus One handsets in India

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -