There are many apps available on Google Play that you can download, but very few are really useful. Here are two android apps that you should check out  – SpeakerPhone Ex and ShareIT.

SpeakerPhone Ex
This is an interesting app, and very useful at times. If you constantly switch from in-call speaker to loudspeaker during a call, you are going to love this app. SpeakerPhone Ex when installed will automatically switch to speaker mode when you are not holding the handset near your ear – during a call.

So when you get a call, you press the answer button, and when you bring the phone near to your ear the app will enable the in-call speaker and the moment you move the phone away from your ear it will enable the speaker phone. So if you want to share your conversation with other people around or if your hands are occupied, keep the phone away from your ear and when you want to go private bring the phone closer to your ear.

SpeakerPhone Ex app

No points in guessing, this app makes use of proximity sensor, and well almost all smartphone have it so it will work on almost all devices. This app is free but paid version is also available that gives you more control.

Do note : If you are using a flip cover the app might not work as expected.

You can install this app from Google play.

This is a must have app, if you love sharing content. I am sure most of you might have used Bluetooth for sharing images, videos, files etc with other devices and it is very slow. Try ShareIT and you will be impressed with the speed.

shareit app

You need to use ShareIT on both the devices. It is simple to use and you can transfer really big files with speed of up to 40x faster than Bluetooth. What’s more you can share picture, music files, videos, docs, contacts and even apps. ShareIT supports group sharing – you can share data with up to 5 devices simultaneously.

You can download the ShareIT (Lenovo Corp app) from Google Play.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -