OnePlus One handset has managed to create a lot of interest, for its’ specifications and the price tag. But it was unclear as to who were the owners/s of this start-up company ‘OnePlus’. New documents reveal OnePlus is owned by Oppo.

Peter Lau – OnePLus CEO, has previously denied that OPO (One Plus One) was owned subsidiary of OPPO. The OPO phone actually looks more like the Oppo Find 7. Lau added that “all phones look like the iPhone’.

However (SIPO) Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervisory Authority documents shows that Oppo’s investment is 100% and the OnePlus is the wholly owned sub brand of OPPO.

OPO as you know will be available for 100 people for $1 – by invitation only. All that the ‘selected users’ need to do is record a video of them smashing their current handset. Unfortunately many users had already smashed their phone without even realizing that OnePlus would actually select 100 people and they will be smashing their phones.

OnePlus is the wholly owned sub brand of OPPO

Anyway, if OnePlus is owned by OPPO, then it is good news already. Being a new company it is rather difficult setting up a base in the market (specially creating the distribution network), since OPPO is already an active player, this would help OnePlus in a way.

OPPO had recently entered the Indian market and if this ‘owned news’ turns out to be true then we could see the OnePlus One in the Indian stores.

The owned subsidiary news also made it on to the OnePlus official forum.

Source: TechWeb.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -