The awaited OnePlus One smartphone has been launched. Not just the specifications but the price too is pretty impressive. The One houses Snapdragon 801 quad core processor, runs on CyanogenMod 11S with 3GB RAM.

The OnePlus one will be available in two versions the 16GB will cost $299 (approx Rs. 18K) and the 64GB for $349 (approx Rs. 21K). The price definitely might have attracted you but there is more to it when you look at the specifications.

This handset comes with a 5.5 inch screen it’s IPS LCD with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection and the supported resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. It runs on CyanogenMod 11S a customized version based on Android 4.4 Kit-Kat.

There is 3GB on board RAM and optional 16GB/ 64GB storage space. The OnePlus One is powered by quad core 2.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with Adreno 330 GPU. 4G (LTE), WiFi (a/b/g/n/ac), NFC, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0 are supported.

qaud core powered oneplus one 2014 flagship killer smartphone

And now for the camera, it’s a 13MP on the rear with IMX214 sensor (6 lenses) with f/2.0 aperture / 0.3 seconds shutter speed. There is a 5MP front camera too. Battery is non-removable with a 3100 mAh capacity.

The One smartphone will hit the stores in selected countries in Q2 2014, unfortunately India is not in the list and no words as to when it will be.

The OnePlus One Flagship killer smartphone of 2014 is here, hopefully it will be made available in India soon.

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  1. Gogi brother one of my relative son is in Finland . I want to know . If he buy this in finland . How he want to send it to me pls help gogi brother pls pls he got invitation from his friend . If he sent did i want to pay custom . Pls tell me is their any way to get that without custom pay . Pls help me pls .

      1. Than their is no way to get of customs . He will send through Fedex . Maximum how much i wanna pay for customs brother .

        1. Not sure about custom ROM but it won’t happen soon. Customs I am not sure you will get the idea from Fedex, it should be based on invoice.

  2. Gogi,
    Their marketing strategy is so irritating..Bakbas.. Just checked on their fb page about #SmashThePast

    They r encouraging people to smash their 50k phones like 5S,S5,G2,One etc

    What a stupid idea it is..will people smash their 50+ k phone for a 18 k phone ?..only those can who have black money..

    & what they think this phone will beat all those high end phones who r trying their best frm last 7 yrs ..
    Ha Ha Big Lol ..just waiting for the review

  3. Hai Gogi Brother …. I purchased Elite E7 after seeing your review video …. I booked it on cash on delivery through snapdeal ….. Tmrw or day after tmrw it will come . what you think can I accept the package or can wait for this …. Reply me soon brother
    According to you when it will launch in Indian online …… Can I have its official website add please .

    1. Varun the OnePlus will take a lot of time and there is no word when it will be available in India. Go with E7 for now.

  4. Gogi Sir. Please get more info about and tell us the indian reviews regarding this service. Is that reliable ? If this service is genuine then we can buy Iphone 5S model A1530 and get it in India.

      1. Sir, when we dial a number we get 20 rings. Is there any way or cheat codes to get 40 to 60 rings in 1 dial ?
        I already tried redial option but that feature dial the no. Again and again.

  5. never seen a device so beautiful with so many features at such an affordable price…check it out on their official page

  6. gogi can you mention their camera from sony with six lens and shoot 2k videos and screen 401 pixel from jdi and having back swapable cover

  7. My brother has already purchased & shipped this one for me,Will recieve it within 7-10 days πŸ˜€

    1. Hi dhaksh..
      How much its cost ?
      In which online store? What about custom duty & delivery charges ?

    2. Hahahaha…… Nice joke, u really made me laugh dude……… One plus one is still not available to purchase, they only said that it will available for purchase in 2 quarter, and didnt gave any firm date for it, and finally they will sell it based on invitation system, where people will be invited to place the order, and this invitation and process for it will start after few days………… So check with your brother, which phone he has shipped you……..

      1. His brother works for the oneplus company, he just smuggled and sent him one. So many ones, grrr.

  8. Finaly…w’re crabin’ to xperience such kinda phone frm d bgnin’ wat a strategic opening frm 1+1..jus heads off 2 u…spec. wise awesome..evrythg is perfect at all I mus say. all in one..but letz see whethr they maintain quality or not…till den crosing fingers. .

  9. Definitely going to buy it…. value for money..just waiting for a in depth review…

  10. Indian companies so rahi h kya…???? koi Indian company aesa phone kyun nahi bana sakti Is price me……????? Is se pta chalta h k Samsung,Sony,HTC,LG aur Apple kitna loot rhe hain hamko…….so please stop buying these companies phones…

    1. indian companies don’t make phones,they simply import from china and sell in india.for example if they buy a phone there for 3 – 4k then ,they sell it here for 10k without any good think how much they are looting from stop buying from indian re branding companies.

      1. vishu u r right says….but wo itna nhi looti jitna samsung, lg,& htc….if u serch on google about cost of samsung s5 is just $256 and its sale in $600 appx.

        1. As for Samsung and other OEM’s they put money in R&D of the phone. Lots of ads. More service centers. Working on the software to bring latest updates.

          As for MMX, open browser, look at a phone, contact original OEM, ask for re-brand, make back panel with their logo, little bit of ads and poor service centers. Also no work on the software updates due to MTK SoC. Still stuck on 4.2 when the world is enjoying 4.4 and about to get the next update.

  11. They basically took Oppo Find 7a and made some minor changes. Pricing is good. Will surely cost higher if it comes here.

    1. if you see that $299 is for 16 GB version

      then it may cost around 25-30K over here with all the taxes applied. even then it will kick some ass its definitely a flagship killer.

      1. I think Nexus 5 would still be a better choice. Elife E7 is still good. And Xiaomi is coming to India before One Plus, so doesn’t look great for OP to leave countries like India, China and go to regions like US, as there are already many cheap devices in Nexus and stuff.

  12. Dear Gogi,

    can u clear me these doubts..

    ‘CyanogenMod 11S ‘ means a new OS or what ?

    based on android means , this new Os has the same UI as android ah ?

    And on more ques , does CyanogenMod 11S OS support android apps & Games (.apk files) ??

    waiting for the reply….

  13. Gogi sir why all the good devices are unavailable in india. For example this plus one, motorola moto x 32 gb version not available in india and no option for moto maker.

  14. OMG, perfect phone at perfect price, this’s what people want. if priced at same in India. It’ll grab market of GiONEE which is currently providing better hardware at cheap price. Read somewhere Samsung Galaxy S5 build cost is just 256$ though higher than Apple by 50$. So no wonder, companies who spend less on ads, research, marketing and of course law suits etc can price it lower.

  15. Its awesome device man..!!! now you can easily imagine what is the original cost of devices like HTC, Samsung, Sony etc..!! And this mobile made those brands to think over and over for their upcoming phones πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› what say..!!???

  16. Excellent device, too bad will not be available in India.
    Nevertheless, it would have been 7-8K costlier than its original price tag(thanks to Indian customs).

    But Indian brands should learn from them- on how to make an excellent affordable smartphone.

    “Snapdragon 801 SoC at this price !!!!!!”

  17. it will grab gionee and other Chinese companies market if it come in india with these price options

  18. gogiji it has an innovative way of selling mobiles called invite system. the way nexus devices (premium but low cost) took so long to come to India i think it will also take at least 6 months to come to India, as the countries in which its going to sell will be out of stock in minutes. what do you say