Here is the review of OnePlus 3 (OP3) that was recently launched and available in India for Rs. 27,999. The OP3 is using the well known Snapdragon 820 chipset and is loaded with 6GB RAM plus 64GB ROM. Is OP3 worth the price, read the review.

OnePlus 3 unboxing

Inside the box you will find the handset, user guide, quick start guide, warranty card, data cable (USB Type C), SIM tray ejector PIN and travel charger – its a DASH charger 5V/4A. SAR value as mentioned on the box : 0.784 W/Kg @ 1g head and 0.581 W/Kg @ 1g body.

Other optional accessories like the protective case and DASH car charger is also available (for extra cost) – you can have a look at that in the video review, or check the image gallery.

OnePlus 3 review and unboxing

Design, Display and OS

The OnePlus 3 looks and feels awesome. The full metallic (Anodized aluminum) body with curvy design is slimmer towards the edges, slightly bulkier in the center. When you hold the handset it does give you that premium feel.

If you hold the handset other way i.e. the screen is touching your palm and you are looking at the metallic back panel, it actually feels like holding the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

OnePlus 3 power button and SIM tray

OP3 weight with built in battery is 161 grams and dimensions are 74.70 x 152.60 x 7.60 (mm). Power button and SIM tray is on the right side. Volume rocker and notification button is on the left side. Speaker out (Dirac HD Sound) vent, USB Type C port (2.0), 3.5mm audio jack and primary Mic is at the bottom. There are dual Mics for noise cancellation.

This is a dual SIM handset you can use 2 Nano SIM cards. 4G is supported (Cat 6), also supports – CDMA EVDO: BC0.

OnePlus 3 dual nano SIM

There is LED notification and following sensors – accelerometer, light, proximity, magnetic, gyro and hall.

OnePlus 3 sports a 5.5 inch Optic AMOLED (super AMOLED) 2.5D curved screen supporting 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. Bezel is 0.75mm and the screen comes with corning gorilla glass 4 protection. Colour reproduction, viewing angles and touch response are very good.

OnePlus 3 5.5 inch screen with 1080 resolution (Optic AMOLED)

Oxygen OS runs out of the box (based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1).

Memory and Storage

The OP3 is packed with 6GB RAM and 64GB (UFS 2.0 – faster than most handsets) of internal storage space. There is no micro SD card slot. On the first boot you will get around 4GB free RAM and about 52GB free internal storage space.

OTG is supported.


Overall performance is excellent thanks to the well known Qualcomm Snapdrgaon 820 quad core chipset – on OP3 it is clocked at 2.15GHz with Adreno 530 GPU. Both the CPU as well as the GPU performance is impressive, however the handset does tend to heat up with heavy usage, the battery temperature should be well under 45 degree. The max battery temperature I encountered was 42 degree when shooting images / videos under direct sunlight.


  • Quadrant – 44626
  • Antutu (64 bit) – 137250 | 3D score – 55475
  • Nenamark 2 – 59.9fps
  • Internal storage Speed – Read (432MB/s), Write (179MB/s)
  • Multi Touch – 10 Point


I played Asphalt 8 in high visual mode and MC5 (modern combat 5). Both games worked well. With 6GB RAM you will be able to keep these heavy games running in the background while working on some other app / game – you can switch at anytime and continue from where you left (check video review for gaming / switching action).

OnePlus 3 16MP camera


Primary camera is 16MP resolution using SONY IMX 298 sensor with f/2.0 aperture and LED flash support. 4K recording and 720p slow motion is supported. Check the sample images and videos at the end of this review. Front camera is a 8MP shooter.

Camera quality is excellent; if you go manual you will get even better shots. Max ISO supported -3200.


Sound output is clear and loud, in-call sound is also very good. I did not face any network issues. No issues with 4G, WiFi, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth. The finger print sensor is on the front, its very accurate and the detection, processing speed is too good. Just tap the button when the display is off (handset in standby mode), the handset instantly unlocks.

OnePlus 3 finger print sensor


The 3000 mAh non-removable battery does a decent job. You can expect 3 to 7 hours of non-stop moderate to heavy usage. I got one and a half day battery life with mixed usage.

OnePlus 3 Battery Performance (time / battery % drop / battery temperature).

  • Running Benchmark app – 9 minutes / 7% / 39 degrees
  • Played MC5 + Asphalt 8 – 19 minutes / 8% / 38 degrees
  • 4K video playback with full brightness (WiFi /4G on) – 30 minutes / 7% / 33 degrees

It took me 1 hour 51 minutes to charge the handset using Dash (5V/4A) wall charger from 7% to 100%. I guess there is some issue with the charger as other users are able to charge the handset to 100% in under 60 minutes.

Update: Use the USB Type C cable provided with the OnePlus 3 handset, if you use any other USB Type C cable it may or may not enable fast charging. I used a different USB Type C cable to charge the OnePlus 3 handset (but had used the Dash Charger) for the first time and as you see it took me 1 hours 51 minutes.

The second time I charged got the same result, I then used the USB Type C cable provided by OnePlus one and it worked really fast. Here are the results.

Battery from 12% to 62% it took 24 minutes. And for full charge from 12% to 100% it took just about 60 minutes. The battery temperature was 38 degrees when battery % reached 62 and after that temp was under 34 degrees.

OnePlus 3 handset case


The OnePlus 3 is a powerful handset, packed with powerful features (6GB RAM / 64GB ROM) and comes with an excellent camera. Battery performance is decent, for very heavy users it might hardly last for a day. Apart from that it is a very good buy.

If you are looking for the latest hardware that is heavily loaded, the OnePlus 3 is the ‘One’.

Rating : 4 out of 5.

OnePlus 3 is available for Rs. 27,999.

Image Gallery

OnePlus 3 video review

OnePlus 3 rear camera sample

Front camera sample

OnePlus 3 4K sample video

Slowmotion, 4K compilation with Gimbal

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    1. buy Only from amazon, link cost is 27999 NO discount… i think price will drop soon, that 6GB is a gimmick, camera isnt all that great. battery only 3000 Mah. no water resistance. so wait for a price drop.

  1. hi gogiji,

    I am currently using a galaxy s6 and am planning to go for one plus 3. I need your views on its display and camera quality. OP3 packs in latest hardware so i think there is no question about performance and is also proved in your tests. please advise on the above topics. Is the display vibrant and vivid enough like s6 and how about the camera …does it stand at par with s6?


  2. hi Gogi ji,
    what do you fell about OP3 ‘s battery life. U mentioned that it has a decent battery backup..But many others sites claims that it has below average battery backup.
    Does it has backup comparable to that of galaxy s7.?

    1. S7 Edge has better battery life compared with OP3. If you are heavy user then it will hardly last for a day.

      1. Thanks sir, do you fee battery backup of oneplus 3 could be strengthened by software updates?

  3. Checked again : Dash charger charged handset in 60 minutes – check the battery section have some update there for those who are not able to get the OnePlus 3 charged in under 1 hour.

    1. Gogi sir i need a phone with excellent camera and good customizable software is one plus 3 is better than s7 in camera department i knw m expecting more but u have reviewed both so do tell me sir n also m a hardcore gamer too current mi3 user

  4. Hello gogi
    Could you please confirm if otg is working for you or not, I recently watched a video on YouTube where it wasn’t working, as I don’t have usb type c pen drive I am not able to check this on my own. 🙁

    1. OTG works, I have mentioned it the review, I did not check OTG as I don’t have a USB Type C pendrive, I do have a connector but that works only for charging. OTG is disabled by default on the OnePlus 3 handset, if you try to connect pendrive without enabling OTG it is not going to work. To enable OTG on Pendrive check this video.

      1. Hi Gogi
        Thanks for your frank and unbiased reviews
        Please help me brother… there might be also some other setting. I tried to connect pen drive with One Plus Type C connector and enabled OTG then also it is not pen drive not connected

        Waiting for Your prompt response
        Rahul Pandya

  5. Lolz I heard a news that for a Oneplus 3 user it came loaded with p**n but he was too much worried that it wasn’t in HD ha ha..

  6. @gogi rana
    I think it might be a typo that it took you 1 hour 57 mins to charge 100%.
    For me it took 1hr 3 mins and I was using the phone in between.
    Plss correct it.

      1. Hi Gogi Sir

        Can you please confirm if it supports all CDMA networks in India & Can we use internet on CDMA on any of the sim. Please let me know at the earliest if it’s feasible for you

  7. full charging wil be within 60 minutes. this has 820 with quick charge 3.0 capability so dont worry

  8. Those who r waiting for 4GB version then there is bad news for u “THERE IS NO OTHER VARIANT OF OP3 (at list in near future)” confirmed BY Oneplus co founder Carl Pei. only gold color variant will come in July.

  9. Gogi Bhai G
    there is much difference of Antutu Score of same mobile op3 6gb ram 64 gb rom
    NDTV Antutu Score 142674
    & By you 137250
    Every set has different speed??

  10. Sir plz help me i like samsung note 4 but now I am confused with note 4 ang op 3 which one better

  11. I respect Gogi Rana but the phone takes only 57 mins to full charge from 0 – 100. It doesn’t looks like s7 it looks more like an htc because it doesn’t have slippery glass at back as s7. Macro shots are great. My dad has bought moto g4 plus once my oneplus 3 arrives I will compare both in same conditions and will post another comment. Rest Assured Oneplus is a premium brand you won’t regret buying it as I did when I bough Iphone 6 🙂

    1. He said the back side looks like s7 edge the curve, replace the metal with screen and you get S7 edge. My friend had S7 and I just got OP3 the back curve is like S7. The handset also has some HTC design aspect.

  12. This phone OP3 suffers one fatal flaw, 5.5 inch screen with 3000 mAh. Battery, why would i buy a 27k phone and carry a power bank/charger all the time. No, i refuse to buy this or any other phone with sub optimal battery capacity. The phone mAkers have to sstandardize at least 4500 mAh batt for phones such as this.

    1. Don’t see only math ;see performance. It beats rn3 s 4000 math in video play back time

    2. Vijay brother. Dont compare 3000Mah battery. To save battery power they have given Super Amoled display and more over it has Dash Charger feature which charges battery from 0-60 in 1 hour. If you run out of battery just plug in for 20 mins, it will come for at least 8 hours usage. The only lack in this mobile is laser and IR blaster. Anyway 26K would have been good price for this device.

    3. SD820 soc is power efficient + Amoled display + QC3.0 makes it better. I would havethin light weight over big battery.

  13. It took 2 hrs to get full charged ? That’s not a fast charging :/ it’s just ok 🙁

  14. Thanks for review Gogi sir,

    Cab you please confirm as this phone has VOLTE and camera quality is comparable or exceeds iPhone 5s.
    I’m using my iPhone 5s since April 2015, I bought oneplus X (this March) and ZUK z1(first flash sale) recently but was unable to shift from my iphone.

    1. It is not clearly mentioned. Also in SIM settings there is no VoLTE option as seen on Mi 5. But I think the hardware should support.

      1. On 4G network , when a call has been made, if it is not switching over automatically to 3G,
        then i think VoLTE might be supported.

      2. If hardware supports VOLTE, the main question comes that does the software supports it.

    2. I dont kno why ppl are so worried about VOLTE… By using data on call ur indirectly forcing person on other end to use data that mean ur call is not only costing u but also person on other side.

      1. Other person can talk without data in volte. The only difference between volte and normal call is the voice clarity..Here data is not uSed for call.

    3. There is clear display of voLte support i have kept it in my phone as ss but gogi sir’s site doesn’t have an option for image so be confident the ad page displays voLte support and 4g+ too on both the sims

  15. Seems like they were unable to sell many phones at this price point.
    But was good to see the review though 😉

  16. I think you had issues with your charger ,,, you have missed to tell how much it takes to charge in 30 minutes and you told it takes 1hour 50 minutes how come its true if mobile charges 0to60% in 30 minutes ,, does it need 1hour 21 minutes to charge another 40% …

    1. Battery Charging follows a particular curve. Phone draws maximum current from the charger during initially 10-20% and then it slowly starts drawing less current.

      By the time you will reach 90%+, the current drawn will be so less that it takes 20+ mins for last 10% itself.

      1. okay bro accepted and I know that too ,,,, check retweet by Carl someones op3 charges 17-89% in 45 minutes ,,, so its impossible to takes 1.50 hours to charge like Gogi bro told ,,,

  17. Must Reply….
    1)Who has got better camera LG G4 or Oneplus 3 ????
    I’m looking forward to purchase LG G4 ( refurbished device ) from ali express……@ 16k
    2)Do I need to pay anything for import custom duty ?
    nd any other suggestion ….

    1. G4 is 16 MP, laser auto-focus, and OIS, but the main thing is f1.8. If camera is your main concern, go with LG rather than One Plus.

    2. dont purchase G4. worst battery backup and camera if we use with flash will give yellow skin colour output.

        1. it is u r choice to go with LG G4. i took it from olx for 16000 but from day 1 i m regretting my decision. horrible battery backup. full HD is sufficient for 5.5 inch screen, more than that it is just battery eater. im not satisfied with camera also, whenever i use flash opposite person skin turn to full yellowish, horrible.

  18. Are physical buttons backlit? It does not seems to be so as per gallery pics.
    Who is the cute boy in slomo 🙂

  19. Oh this technology!!! Op3 can do 80% things which S7 can do!!! And RN3 and le 2 can do 85% things which op3 can!!! So choose wisely!!! From 13k to 28k to 50 !! Thats why i never invest in high-end!! Coz 2017 ‘ s mid-range phone will be neck to neck to op3!!

    1. Ha haa haa Proud to be a RN3 owner , see that charging time of OP3 , if it had a 4000mah battery the it had taken 2hrs40min to full charge but where rn3 takes 2hrs34mins only lol

  20. love op3 for the features and price.. amoled, good camera, 64gb at 27k!!!
    but will wait another year as my note 8 is still irreplacable. maybe by then moto z and s7 will come down in terms of price to fight with op3!

    1. Brother how many years you are going to wait. Technology is changing daily. Your wait will be indefinite.

    2. thanx ashutosh for the concern! i guess waiting for more time saves more money, right?! anyways if i get op3 now also i wud still keep using my old fone for its 8 inch screen, high volume audio and spen features, so wats the hurry! i ll finally replace it wen it shows some slowness with an amoled, better camera fone which my present fone is lacking..

  21. Gogi, why you wont review audio quality from earphone as some mobile comes with types of audio software inbuilt (Ex in Zuk Z1 Audio FX). Request to add this review as well from your next reviews as some people are audio freaks.

    1. Because the quality varies for different headphones and if you’re really an audiophile, you’d want numbers not just an opinion.

      1. Not necessary to review audio quality from different headphones. I requested to review using anyone good earphone for all the mobiles Gogi does review (as Gogi captures same locations photo to compare camera quality for all mobiles)

    2. Ya its a very needed topic which gogi sir always avoid, though i remembered he mentioned audio quality via headphone when he was reviewed “One plus 1”.

  22. Its strange that Some reviwers claiming that it looks like htc previous flagship phones while you said il it looks like galaxy s7…

  23. Dear Gigi,
    Close up shots are not so great..due to lack of lack of laser auto focus. What do u say? I feel moto g4 plus camera quality is better than this.

    1. You came here after watching geekyranjit’s video. Laser autofocus helps in quick focus. Aperture determines how close your object can be and how good close up shot would be. His logic was absurd.

        1. Galaxy S7 uses dual pixel technology same as some high end DSLRs. Comparing s7 to op3 camera is like comparing BMW to Suzuki.

      1. Dear sunny,
        No need to watch anybody’s video..u see the close up images shot by gogi u will come to knw..n then compare it with moto g 4+ close up shots.

        1. Lack of Laser AF is different issue than poor close up shots. It can be fixed by s/w update (if 1+ team is willing to). My point was that don’t follow absurd logic to justify something as Geekyranjit did.

  24. Is there any chance of 4gb variant to come? Should I wait for it? Do you have any info?

    1. Yes definitely it will come after 6GB RAM version clears off completely from OPO godown. You know why they launched 6GB version first? Because many people knows that 6GB is not necessary in mobile and 4GB is sufficient. If they launch both 4GB and 6GB at same time, no one will by 6GB. Hence they want to clear the 6GB stocks first.

      1. Raj, right Bro, 4gb ram is more than enough and it will launched as soon as 6gb version stock get cleared.. Nice marketing strategy by OP team… I m also waiting for 4gb version and keeping an eye on net till then….

    1. well.. i think you are going mindless. if that was true there would be no flagships,,and apple would have been a history now

    2. Right,Though I am gonna buy this phone from olx/quicker after 2-3 months when it’s value will be like 15k or less 😀

  25. After Marshmellow (Android 6.0) Update, even OnePlus 2 has same speed and accuracy ;).

    1. ok, camera is an issue for you, which camera do you compare it with, i also want a better camera for this price. dont like i phone, Samsungs are above 40k.. in 20k range which is the best camera.. please share thanks.

  26. I was comparing this phone with Galaxy Note 4 i think still note 4 is much better then this if you take aside cpu and ram. note 4 is available at 30k

  27. Gogi, I am confused between OP3 & MI5. According to you, now that you have seen/used/reviewed both phones if you were to put your money between these two, which one would you go for?

    Also can you recommend me a phone which has excellent GPS lock time? with price < 5k. I want to use a dedicate GPS Phone for my car but should be least costly but with excellent GPS.

    Appreciate if the same GPS Lock accuracy & speed for OP3 v/s mi5 is also mentioned if tested/can again be tested by you?

  28. Got my op3 today.. It’s fantastic for its price bracket no lag.. Superb thing is dash.. Super fast charge..

  29. Kaash mene iPhone 6 naa liya hota to ye le leta. Ab bech k to ye ayega v nahi. 28k ka to bikega nahi.

    1. Kyu liya tha iphone6

      Chaand par ho aaye kya?

      i phone is nothing except Status symbol.
      Jhooti shaan…..
      Ab ye mat kehna…apne use kiya hai….?

      Yes …use kiya hai….but feels nothing special.

  30. Thanks for your review … bought one will be getting tomorrow (eagerly waiting).