The iBall CompBook is Intel Atom powered laptop (netbook) packed with 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. It is running Windows 10 and is priced at Rs. 9,999. Read this review to know if it is worth the price.

CompBook Excelance unboxing

Box pack content : laptop, user manual, warranty card and power adapter.

Design and Display

This iBall CompBook Excelance looks really great considering the price tag. Build quality and finishing is good and the nice texture and colour give a good feel (does not look cheap). This laptop is light weight at just about 1Kg.

Display Screen is 11.6 inches supporting 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. Screen quality is okay, and the viewing angles are not that great, however for the price this can be ignored.

iball Compbook Excelance budget laptop

Features and Specifications

The CompBook Excelance is powered by Intel Atom 1.8GHz quad core processor Z3735F loaded with 2GB RAM, 32GB storage and 64GB micro SD card support. Also included are dual speakers and front VGA camera.

iball Compbook Excelance review

Windows 10 sails out of the box. Other features are WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 2x USB 2.0 port, mini HDMI port (1.4a) and 3.5mm combo headphone / Mic.

A 10,000 mAh non-removable battery powers up this laptop.

iball Compbook Excelance keyboard


This is a low budget laptop with decent performance, basically meant for office work, email, chatting, social networking and browsing. You can play some low end games. Do note there is limited built-in storage space, however you can increase the space using external micro SD card – max 32GB, or connect external HDD using USB port.

Battery Life

You can expect up to 7 hours of mixed usage on a full charge.


This is kind of a netbook with limited performance, good enough for getting your office work done or for entertainment on the move. If you are planning to buy a low cost laptop, you can consider the Excelance.

Rating : 4 out of 5.

iBall CompBook Excelance is available for Rs. 9,999.

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  1. Thank you Gogi, I was planning to purchase for my office work i.e – ms word, excel or playing some videos. Thank you very much for your valuable review.

  2. is it ….. supports photoshop ….. can i run photoshop in it …. smoothly….. ????

    1. Photoshop will not run smoothly.

      Better to buy dell 11 3000 3162 @25000 rs(11.6 inch anti-glare screen,pentium n3700,4 GB ram,500 gb hdd,7 hr battery life)

  3. Can one attach a 20 inch monitor to this, coz find the monitor too small in this..

  4. Does this laptop come with pre installed MS office or do we need to download office 360 from windows store ?

  5. Bro please suggest me a laptop. I need it for CAD software like Autocad, solidworks, creo etc. And for little gaming.. My budget is below 35k. ( AMD laptops are low in cost as compare to Intel and i think deliver same power) should i go with intel or amd. ? Help me plz..

    1. If u want better performance at lower price then go for amd but remember that they consume a lot of battery as compared to intel one so if u want better battery backup then go for intel.

    2. For any kind of serious work like CAD better go for a desktop along with a FULL HD 22 inch monitor.

    3. Have Asus A555LF-XX231D with graphic card….

      It comes with intel i3, 1TB hdd, Nvidia 930M graphics…

      Best part about asus is International warranty

  6. best part of Windows 10 is that u will regular updates in this netbook which will give this iball new features and performance boost .. also the windows store will give u all apps and loads of games ..

  7. Can we install .exe files like photoshop and please info can we connect printer,scanner with this.

    1. This is just like any other laptop / desktop, you can install any windows app, there are two limitations when installing heavy applications, speed and space.

    2. You can connect printer, scanner. You have to download drivers. It’s 2 GB ram, so AutoCAD, Photoshop are difficult to run.

  8. I am using this iball notebook from 20 days.

    -its boot in 5s , yes in 5s LOGIN screen appears 🙂
    – Battery backup 8hr+ (wifi always ON)
    – No lag opening 8-10 tabs on chrome
    – sound quality is good
    -multi gesture touchpad
    – fanless , no noise at all. It heat slightly, not very hot.
    -its compact 11″

    -No IPS display, so there is some viewing angle problem while watching movies, else its fine surfing net.

    – No DVD drive, no expnadable memory, no hardisk upgradeable (But I m using 32GB class 10 micro sd card)

    1. Can u load another os like Linux on this laptop?

      Please verify and tell me whether usb boot option is there or not..

    2. can u run android studio n tell me how smooth the processor/ram can handle plz bro…
      plz bro facebook me@Lucky Pohlong

  9. i hv been waiting for months for this review…Will it’ll be good option for student? Gogi bro please try to run heavy app like android studio,photoshop,if it can handle as some said it does.

    1. Photoshop you can run, you can run many heavy applications, just keep a watch on the storage.

    2. Forger Android Studio! You need atleast 4GB of RAM to run it. You need to spend atleast 35k to get a machine powerful enough to run Android Studio .

      1. i already owned desktop pc,4gb ram/intel pentium,android studio run smoothly,but i want a portable laptop with 11-12″. Previous i had hp 15.6″ laptop,too heavy n size is too large.

  10. at present one HP silver color laptop with AMD A8 quad core processor, 15 inch screen, decent graphics, 4GB ram & 1 TB HDD is best option for most.

    price fluctuates between 20 to 25K.

    this i ball junk has no CD/DVD drive

    1. Dude,It’s a netbook -lightweight@1kg(normal laptops weigh 2.2kg),win 10(worth 5000rs) and good battery life 7hrs ,normal laptops only give 3 hrs.
      It’s useful for basic use like watching videos,basic editing&power point,browsing etc.

      1. Yes bro… U r right. I have a powerful desktop, I bought this notebook for surrfing internet only. At ₹9999 its awesome machine. I am using it to connect my 42″ LED tv as external display with mini hdmi. Windows 10 on big screen looking superb. ? Also bought wireless mouse + 32GB class 10micro SD card.

        People are complaining that it has no cd drive, no 500gb hard disk etc. But guys, A laptop with cd rom + 500gb hard disk wont give u battery backup more than of 3hrs.

        I am very satisfied with 32gb+2gb+windows10 configuration. 🙂 ??

    2. CD/DVD drive is not needed any more on most laptops. It just adds weight to the laptop and will remain mostly unused.
      These are low cost laptops which are aimed at lowest level of market.

      I replaced my laptop DVD drive with a hdd adapter and put in an additional harddisk on the same place.

    3. You are comparing a 10k notebook with 20-25k HP laptop. Ha ha ha ha ha !!! Its obvious that paying extra 10-15k will give you extra hardware but who needs CD rom in 2016 (USB drive of 32 GB comes at ₹300) ?

  11. gogi bro plz suggest me a best laptop arnd rs 18 k which has at least 14 or 15 inch screen…expandble memory and importantly cd dvd writer ….i m not ant brand conscious neither i need gud battery back up….wating fr ur reply

    1. Dell Inspiron 3541 with Amd A6 processor. Its the best selling laptop. Can even play latest games at medium settings, like GTAV, battlefield4, Assassins Creed. Priced @19k

      1. Hey Amol I am using It…….

        Played BF4, COD Black Ops and DMC5….

        Bought 15 days back…..

        I still cann’t understand why all shopkeepers were suggesting 3542(intel i3 version) as it was not with dedicated graphics card so no use in gaming….

        I used AMD earlier and I knew it’s potential, so preferred AMD over Intel in case you are buying laptops without dedicated graphics card….

    1. Win 10 is provided free if the device has only 2gb ram and 32 GB ssd(faster than HDD though)…

      1 tb HDD @ this price is impossible ,and you could always buy ext HDD(3800rs) ..

      1. That person is a media lover….

        Well bro that’s not ssd in the iball excelance

        1. My bad…It’s emmc storage,but it has twice the read speed than a normal HDD ,consumes less power(no mechanical parts like in HDD) and noiseless.

          It’s Microsoft’s policy ,to keep costs down for manufacturers & to compete against chromebooks.

  12. Better to have a pre owned core i3, 500gb at around this price range…..will be irritated by this aftet some time.

  13. Its basically a tablet that is added by keyboard, a typical Chinese garbage, found heavily in Chinese junk mart , way outdated,should have touch screen

    1. Tablet with 11.6 inch display?

      Bro its a netbook for people who just want to do browsing and also productivity apps.

  14. Gogi bhai,

    Can i get any laptop with Amoled or Oled display in india on any shopping site. Do you know any such laptop.