The Asus Eeebook E402M is a Intel Celeron dual core powered notebook that comes loaded with 2GB RAM and 32GB EMMC HDD. It is running Windows 10 over a 14 inch screen. This notebook price in India is Rs. 16,300.

Asus E402M Unboxing

Inside the box you will get the notebook, travel charger, user manual and warranty card.

Asus Eeebook E402M design and display

This notebook comes in different color options; I got the red one for the review. The E402M is almost covered up with the single colour, that includes the touch pad too (check image below). This gives a unique and premium look, and is also eye catchy. It’s with a metallic finishing with a very good build.

Notebook weight is 1.6Kg with battery, its portable and comfortable to use. The Eeebook E402M comes with 14 inch HD LED back-lit glare display that supports 1366 x 768 pixels resolution. Color reproduction is good and the viewing angles are okay.

Asus EeeBook E402M review - 14 inch screen

On the left side there is DC in, RJ 45 port, VGA port, HDMI port, USB 3.0 port and multi card reader. On the right side there is USB 2.0 port and combo audio / mic jack. There are LED indications on the front (check E402M video review). E402M comes with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.

Asus EeeBook E402M Chiclet Keyboard

Memory, Storage and OS

There is 2GB RAM and 32GB EMMC storage. But the best part is that on the bottom side there is HDD compartment, just remove one screw and you will be able to open the HDD cover, inside you can attach a Hard Drive and expand the storage further – kind of dedicated storage, adding a HDD will also slightly increase the notebook weight.

Asus EeeBook E402M bottom view

Do note that a HDD drive does not come for free you will need to spend extra money on that. Though not specifically mentioned but I guess you can use up to 3TB HDD. AHCI is supported.

Asus EeeBook E402M HDD compartment

This notebook is running Windows 10 out of the box. You will get 15GB to 19GB free space on the 32GB EMMC.

Hardware and Performance

The Asus Eeebook E402M is powered by Intel Celeron N2840 2.16GHz dual core processor that can be turbo boosted up to 2.5GHz. There is 1MB cache and E402M is 64 bit architecture. You get full sized chicklet keyboard that is pretty accurate and comfortable. The touch pad supports gestures.

This Notebook is also using Ice Asus Cool Technology that helps keep the body temperature between 28 to 35 degrees. Plus there are large chamber dual speakers using SonicMaster sound technology. Sound quality is really good, it sounds better with earphones / headphones but sound output is a bit low when using loud speaker.

Asus EeeBook E402M Icecool feature

This is not a very powerful notebook (nova benchmark score 288) but good enough for browsing, chatting, checking emails, for music, watching movies, office work (Word / Excel / PowerPoint), you can also use image editor / video editor and to some extent play games. There is a VGA camera too on the front.


This notebook comes with built in 4 cell battery that delivers up to 6 to 8 hours of continuous usage time.


Asus E402M is  a very good notebook with an attractive price tag. It gives the feel of a proper laptop, though not really that powerful but does a decent job and meant for basic usage. Processing power/performance is somewhat slightly better than netbook. This Asus notebook also gives you an option to add a HDD if required.

It is a very good buy if you are looking for a notebook for under Rs. 17,000.

Asus Eeebook E402M is available for Rs. 16,300.

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Asus Eeebook E402M Netbook video review

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  1. sir does it have expandable storage upto 64 gb? nd hiw do u find it wid comparision to recent launched i ball 14 inch examplaire laptops….please i m in hurry…waiting for ur guidance

    1. Original “Windows 10 Home Single Language” comes pre-installed with this. So no need to install Windows. 🙂

  2. Simple improvement could have been to give a 128 gb SSD themselves on which the OS is installed(instead of just 32 gb flash) with a second slot for mounting anither SSD or HDD drive for storage. Even if the price goes up to 20 k, it would be a good deal. Asus should launch another Eebook with these modified specs before W10 starts costing money(just a few months left!)

  3. I have been planning to buy this laptop for the last two days , and the best review just came , thanks for that!
    Acer E13 ES1 – 131 has upgradable RAM but no AHCI
    This one has no RAM upgrade option , but if it has AHCI , I will love it.
    Please help me with one doubt , I am planning to add an SSD , but does it have AHCI support ? you might be able to check it in bios – sata configuration.
    Please check Gogi

  4. Try the new Acer Es1-521 laptop available at snapdeal for 17500 only! It has 4gb ram expandable till 16gb and contains 1tb hdd! Too has 15.6″ screen and a good battery life and yes it too have a quad core processor and an inbuild gpu too! All too at this price! Its brilliant guys!

    1. But I dont think it will give a battery backup more than 5 hours , it is running an AMD processor.

      1. 5 hours is enough for normal usage! And yes it gives near about 5-6 hours of backup!

        1. But the backup will degenerate over time. Not to mention slow boot up times due to the HDD drive. And the viewing angles on the screen, screen colors are very poor in these low end conventional laptops.

          Conventional laptops start to give value for money in the 55-60 k range. But for ordinary uses, Intel Atom or Celeron with flash or SSD storage is a good option. Fast bootup and smooth performance, great battery life, no heating up

  5. Here’s how Asus can improve this product.
    1) Provide an ehernet port. That should not be left out as all these companies do(even though the old Eebook XTA had it)

    2) There should be an easy option to shift the OS to the SSD or HDD hard drive after you install it. A pre-built program should offer you the option of partioning the mounted hard drive(after Windows recognizes it) into OS and storage partitions(say you partition a 256 gb SSD into 80 gb for the OS and rest for storage) and when you click O. K. and reboot it should install the OS on the newly mounted drive on the created OS partition. Two separate hardware ON buttons should be available for booting Windows out of the old internal storage and the newly mounted drive. Normally you will boot and use Windows installed on the mounted drive. But during an emergency(virus-damaged Windows on the mounted drive) you can boot to the factory version Windows on the internal storage to finish some urgent work such as sending an email etc before wiping out the OS partition on the mounted drive and re-installing Windows there using the same pre-installed app

    3) Instead of a single battery, provide 2 6000 mah batteries and an external battery charger. You can charge one battery while using the other and normally only a 6000 mah battery will be mounted on the device so that it will be lighter. But you also have the option of mounting both batteries fully charged for a long distance trip.

    4) Provide remote charging. An adapter will be plugged in to A. C. mains and switched on. When the laptop is in range and a hardware button on the laptop is switched on, charging will commence. So you need not plug in the charger at night when you are sleepy. Just switch on the remote charge button and it will charge overnight.

    With these features, the unit will be well worth a base price of 20 k. Hopefully the next Eebook will have these features.

    1. 1). It has an Ethernet port
      2). We can move OS to SSD , but not easy.
      3).2 X 6000 mAh battery is not convenient, and it will increase the price , weight , and may make the lap bulkier.
      4. Does wireless charging for laptops exsit ?

      1. I’m just designing the laptop of the future. People only buy Windows for installing and using applications like Visual Basic, Photoshop etc. Around 80 gb is a good amount of space to devote for the OS. Who wants to run Windows out of just 32 gb storage? Asus should anticipate customer need to move the OS to a larger storage unit and provide a convenient option for it as I detail in my previous post. As far as two 6000 mah batteries are concerned, they will both be removable and can be charged independently with an external battery charger. Only one of them need be mounted at a given moment. That will ensure that by switching batteries(the batteries can be unmounted through software control on both slots) you can keep the laptop running without having to plug it in. And any remote charging needs a dock which you purchase separately. But a laptop already has a keyboard dock. The remote charging enhances battery life by slowing battery drain even during use. Such innovations will help laptops compete with smartphones as general purpose consumption devices, not just workstations. That will increase their appeal and cause more people to buy them

        But for the next Eeebook(better hurry up because prices will rocket when W10 itself starts costing money!) I will be satisfied with the same configuration except that the internal storage itself is a 128 gb SSD unit and a separate slot is provided to mount an additional SSD or HDD drive for storage needs

  6. I need a good, well balanced laptop upto 30k for browsing, MSOffice, emailing and for some office work … Guys pls suggest some options….

    1. All your needs seem lightweight so Intel Atom should be sufficient in terms of power(More powerful processors get heated up and give poor battery life) I recommend you go for the HP Pavilion laplet around 22 k. 8 hours battery life, detachable touchscreen usable as a tablet(good for reading newspapers, consuming multimedia etc) IPS screen with great viewing angles which is rare in netbooks and conventional laptops, 64 gb internal and 64 gb(at least) expandable and you can plug in hard drives up to(at least) 1 tb. Only problem is that an ethernet port is missing. Another option is the original Asus Eebook XTA for around 16 k. That has an ethernet port but only 32 gb internal(so fewer apps and programs can be installed) no touchscreen or detachable screen and non-IPS screen with somewgat faded colors(less attractive for multimedia) Conventional laptops will give you less than 4 hours battery life and the extra power and storage is largely useless for most people.

  7. for any laptop the cheapest and best thing to do is upgrade the Ram to minimum 4GB. and if possible put a SSD for system heavy OS like windows 10.

  8. Gogi bhai if possible also check the low cost decent looking Dell 3541 laptop. Its around 19K and has AMD Apu, and plenty of videos on youtube showing it can play some high end games like GTA V, Fallout 4, skyrim too.

  9. Gogi sir,I am great fan of yours,I am following you from last 3 to 4 years.sir,please give me your opinion about buying Fujitsu lifebook a555 laptop with following configuration:
    Intel i3 (fifth gen),8gb ram,500 GB hdd,for 20500 it worth to buy?waiting for your suggestion….

  10. Hello Gogi sir,

    I was planning to buy ASUS X205TA (z3735F Atom Quad core ) so compare to both processor (intel celeron dual core) which one is better ?

    1. The Celeron one is more powerful, intermediate between the Atom processors and the intelligent processor series

  11. Asus laptops do offer good quality. I am using an upgraded ASUS laptop for last 4 years and still going as good as day 1. I upgraded to an SSD though.

    The issue with this laptop is the RAM. If it can be upgraded to min 4 GB get it. Else better not to buy. Windows 10 needs min 4GB RAM to work.

    1. I think cpu power will limit its performance. Btw win 10 works fine with 2gb as well

  12. gogi I think we can connect iball compbook with external storage. which one is better, this or iball 14 inch compbook ?.. plz do a comparison and performance review.
    added space would increase the weight when attached with HDD.
    so where is the advantage here ? and also battery is 4 cell..wouldn’t it be wise to go for a usual lap , so we don’t have to spend more money on HDD..

  13. Gogibhai
    how do you find it in comparison to recently announced iball laptops

    1. I need to check that out, they are smaller screen, and I don’t think they have HDD option like the E402M has.

    1. Apparently you can get a SSD and in fact it is built for that. Transcend have a 256 gb SSD for around 6 k which would go well with this.

    1. You can try the nova bench app, but really not required just use it, try playing games and you will get an idea. For gaming better go for laptop that come with special graphics card but that will also increase the cost.