The LeEco (LeTV) in-ear reverse headphones is a unique audio device that has been made to solve a common problem faced by many users. This headphone is available in 4 different colour options and priced at Rs. 899.

Reverse In-Ear Headphone Unboxing

The headphone packing is quite impressive. Inside the box you will get the headphone, extra pairs of ear plug caps (different sizes) and instructions / specifications are mentioned on the cardboard that covered up the plastic headphone storage case.

Design and usage

This is a unique looking headphone that does look a bit od and it will take getting use to. This is not like the ordinary earphone that you simply plug into your ear, and it does take extra time putting it properly in your ear with the wire going over the ear.

Now the common problem that most earphone users face is the earphone plug popping out from the ear, specially when the wire is pulled, happens most of the times when you are involved in some physical activities and listing to your favorite music.

LeEco (LeTV) Reverse In-Ear Headphones how to use

The LeEco Reverse In-Ear Headphones actually helps solve this issue to a larger extent. Though it does get a bit uncomfortable. Check the video review to get an idea. For better results you would want to clip the right and the left wires below your neck.

LeEco (LeTV) Reverse In-Ear Headphones review

There are 3 buttons volume +, Volume – and call / pause / play center button. Most of the handsets should support the buttons. You can use the button to receive / cancel calls or to increase / decrease volume and control media player.

LeEco (LeTV) Reverse In-Ear Headphones buttons

I tried this headphone on few handsets, it worked, but only on Asus Zenfone Zoom I faced one small issue i.e the volume + button was not working (other buttons worked).

LeEco (LeTV) Reverse In-Ear Headphones box pack


This device is using Neodymium magnetic moving coil drivers that delivers excellent and crisp sound output.

Driver Diameter : 13mm, impedance 32 Ω, material parchment paper + PU. Connector sensitivity 105dB +/- 3dB and frequency range is 20Hz to 20KHz.

I played the same audio & then a movie using the LeEco Reverse In-Ear Headphones and then with the Xiaomi Mi In-Ear headphones pro. I did not find any noticeable different in the sound quality (bass / treble) when comparing both these headphones.


LeEco Reverse In-Ear Headphones is another really great earphone made to fix specific problem and also delivers excellent sound output. A very good buy for Rs. 899.

LeEco (LeTV) Reverse In-Ear Headphones is available in 4 different color options for Rs. 899.

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LeEco LeTV reverse In-Ear Headphones video review

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