The LeEco (LeTV) in-ear reverse headphones is a unique audio device that has been made to solve a common problem faced by many users. This headphone is available in 4 different colour options and priced at Rs. 899.

Reverse In-Ear Headphone Unboxing

The headphone packing is quite impressive. Inside the box you will get the headphone, extra pairs of ear plug caps (different sizes) and instructions / specifications are mentioned on the cardboard that covered up the plastic headphone storage case.

Design and usage

This is a unique looking headphone that does look a bit od and it will take getting use to. This is not like the ordinary earphone that you simply plug into your ear, and it does take extra time putting it properly in your ear with the wire going over the ear.

Now the common problem that most earphone users face is the earphone plug popping out from the ear, specially when the wire is pulled, happens most of the times when you are involved in some physical activities and listing to your favorite music.

LeEco (LeTV) Reverse In-Ear Headphones how to use

The LeEco Reverse In-Ear Headphones actually helps solve this issue to a larger extent. Though it does get a bit uncomfortable. Check the video review to get an idea. For better results you would want to clip the right and the left wires below your neck.

LeEco (LeTV) Reverse In-Ear Headphones review

There are 3 buttons volume +, Volume – and call / pause / play center button. Most of the handsets should support the buttons. You can use the button to receive / cancel calls or to increase / decrease volume and control media player.

LeEco (LeTV) Reverse In-Ear Headphones buttons

I tried this headphone on few handsets, it worked, but only on Asus Zenfone Zoom I faced one small issue i.e the volume + button was not working (other buttons worked).

LeEco (LeTV) Reverse In-Ear Headphones box pack


This device is using Neodymium magnetic moving coil drivers that delivers excellent and crisp sound output.

Driver Diameter : 13mm, impedance 32 Ω, material parchment paper + PU. Connector sensitivity 105dB +/- 3dB and frequency range is 20Hz to 20KHz.

I played the same audio & then a movie using the LeEco Reverse In-Ear Headphones and then with the Xiaomi Mi In-Ear headphones pro. I did not find any noticeable different in the sound quality (bass / treble) when comparing both these headphones.


LeEco Reverse In-Ear Headphones is another really great earphone made to fix specific problem and also delivers excellent sound output. A very good buy for Rs. 899.

LeEco (LeTV) Reverse In-Ear Headphones is available in 4 different color options for Rs. 899.

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LeEco LeTV reverse In-Ear Headphones video review

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  1. Looks like it could take great effort to keep intact to your ear. Can’t move around as comfortably as you would with the normal earphones.

  2. Gogi ji, I used mi piston 3(in ear) from last 5 monthes but now pistons left ear ones volume decreased by 90%. Now i looking for a new one. So plz suggest which one is best for bass mi pro or le reverse. After ur recommendation i will buy 1 from these two.

    1. Sennheiser CX 180 Street II is probably the best in ear earphone you can get under 1k.

  3. Does this headphone work properly with Panasonic P81?and what would be the sound quality in Panasonic P81?please leave a reply Gogi Sir

  4. Hi.. gogi sir. I m using Asus Zenfone 2 Laser 5. 5. And My Brother is using MOTO G 3rd Gen.. Does These headphone support both handsets.?

    1. I don’t have these handsets but it did work on Asus Zoom (just the volume + button did not work) and on other handsets that I tested there was no issue.

  5. Hey gogi sir,please make this website as we get notifications when u put any articles to website…this will help us ur followers like me..get notified on time..!?

  6. Dear gogi,
    U have given 5 stars for this earphone. Is this the first time any product has got 5 stars from u?.

  7. Gogi ji, I have both d mi basic earphones (300/-) n mi earphones (999).. I really don’t find significant difference in both xcpt d build quality…. in fact d earphones came wd Asus zen 5 were awesome… ( build quality avg)… I felt sound quality was a bit exceptional in Asus earphones … bt Asus is not including those earphones in any of their handsets…

    1. You will need to use a good handset and good audio / music to know the difference.

    2. Yes, earphone which comes with Asus Zenphone 5 is awsome. I had sold my Zenfone5 8 month ago but still have earphone and its unbeatable….. I m using it with Nubia Z9 mini and Samsung Galaxy J7….

  8. Any recommendation on in-ear earphones for BASS freaks? No quality or balance required, Just the club like thumbs even on low volumes.

    PS: Sony XB30 aint doing the trick for me.

      1. why u r not recommending this letv reverse in ear phones as it got 5 star mr.gogi?

    1. Try creative EP 630. Very good for bass and other frequencies too

  9. gogi sir please do a review of these cheap IEM’s

    Knowledge zenith Ed9 , HDS1, ATE and Monk plus

  10. I think Xiaomi is charging extra ₹500 with Mi Earphone Pro for its premium build quality, if you say that sound quality is same for both.

    1. Well the Pro are better than the regular Mi earphone that are priced under Rs. 300.

      1. There is a 500 buck version of MI as well now. That is the plastic version of Pro – may no have dual drivers though.

    1. It depends from person to person, both are comfortable to me but the over the ear gets a bit irritating, the earplug is secure but the wire move over the ear after time time, hence better to clip both wires below the next to keep the wire behind the ear. Personally I like the ordinary one would prefer mi in ear.

      1. I am using mi piston since 2 years. And still its performing like a champ. I love it.

        1. Go for mi pro u will c the difference between a champion and actually champion

          1. Mi pro better than soundmagic ES 18? Soundmagic is having superb sound bass quality

          2. Soundmagic ES18 scores on quality sound, deep bass and crystal clear treble, but looses points on loudness. Other headphones sound loud enough at 50%, but ES18 you have to keep them at 70%

          3. I have headphones are better..balanced armature drivers really make the difference.. I use redmi1s with viper4android ..

    1. Mi pro and this one both are good same quality, this one is cheaper if you buy from LeMall and on amazon it is over Rs. 1000.

      1. Can you please also revew the metal version and compare with above one?