Here is the BlitzWolf BW P2 mini power bank review. This mini power bank is light weight, portable and affordable, priced at $10.99 that comes to approx Rs. 741. This BlitzWolf power bank houses a 3350 mAh non-removable battery.

BlitzWolf BW P2 unboxing

Box pack content: Power bank, user manual, warranty card and cable (USB to micro USB).


The BlitzWolf BW P2 Mini power bank is packed inside an aluminum casing, available in 3 different colour options (Blue, Silver and Black). Build quality and finishing is really good. The power bank (PB) is sleek, rectangular shaped and easy to carry / store.

Weight is 84 grams with built in battery. The PB will fit easily in your pocket or bag. There is a micro USB port to charge this device (5V / 2A) and a USB port to charge other devices (5V/1A). You can charge only one device at a time.

BlitzWolf BW P2 mini power bank review unboxing

There is  a power check button and 4 LED indicators, press the button to get an idea about the PB battery level.

BlitzWolf BW P2 mini power bank button and LED


BlitzWolf BW P2 Mini power bank comes with 3350 mAh SANYO/Panasonic battery that comes with safety features like temperature resistance, over charger / over discharge protection, short circuit protection, incorrect charger protection, output over current / over voltage protection, input overvoltage protection, PTC protection for cell and reset mechanism.

BlitzWolf BW P2 mini power bank 3350 mAh battery

Battery Performance

You can charge a smartphone with 2500/3000 mAh battery for up to 1 time.  It took me almost 2 hours (1 hour 50 minutes) to charge this power bank using 5V/2A travel charger.


There are many power banks available in the market, some with very high battery capacities but that also increases the weight / dimensions making it a bit difficult to carry. If you are traveling for just one day this mini power bank is a great alternative, it’s light weight, easy to carry and should charge your smartphone to full at least one time.

BlitzWolf BW P2 Mini Power Bank is available for less than $10.99 (approx under Rs. 741). You can buy it from Banggood website and opt for free shipping, there is no need to pay custom duty as the price is under $30, it however will take 20 to 25 days to get the PB delivered in India.

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BlitzWolf BW P2 mini power bank review


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