The OnePlus 3 is now official, specifications are clearly mentioned on their official India website, the handset will be available on for Rs. 27,998. VR experience was disaster for many as they had to download additional 604 MB app update.

OnePlus 3 weight is 158 grams and thickness is 7.35mm. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad core processor clocked at 2.2GHz with Adreno 530 GPU. OxygenOS based on Marshmallow runs the show with 6GB RAM and 64GB UFS 2.0 storage.

The touch screen is 5.5 inches protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and supporting 1920 x 1080p resolution. It’s a Optic AMOLED screen that supports night mode display. Rear camera is a 16MP shooter using SONY IMX 298 sensor with OIS and f/2.0 aperture. There is LED flash support and this primary camera can shoot 4K videos at 30fps. Front camera is using Sony IMX179 sensor with 8MP resolution.

OnePlus 3 launched and available in India

Additional features are CDMA EVDO :BCO, 4G LTE, 3G, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, GPS with GLONASS, Finger Print sensor, USB Type C 2.0, dual (Nano) SIM slot, Aluminum body and WiFi (a/b/g/n/ac).

OnePlus 3 back panel

There are dual microphone for noise cancellation and handset is using Dirac HD sound technology. A 3000 mAh non-removable battery with Dash charge powers up this handset. With Dash charge you can charge the handset to 60% in just about 30 minutes.

You can now buy the OnePlus 3 from Amazon.

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  1. if some 1 like me waiting for 4gb version then we have to wait for long (or just don’t wait), there is no any other version of OP3 confirm by OnePlus’s CEO Carl Pei.

  2. HI GOGI,

    I have one small query,what exactly is optic amoled ?…is it similar to super amoled or any different/better.

    please let us know will be waiting for your answer.


  3. Some dudes are acting stupiditly here!! 6 GB will be useful for another 2 years dude!! And bhai s7 kbhi ni hone wala 30k s neeche ka!! And battery backup is full day

      1. it wont if the chip is good.
        SD 810 got knocked up because it had heating issues.

        similar to SD 801 this one will last atleast 3 years

  4. Hi Gogi ji,

    pls confirm below 2 points.

    1) SD820 is CAT 12 (as per wiki), but oneplus website says OP3 has LTE Cat 6.
    2) is Infrared port there in OP3?

    1. Hey currently I am using samsung galaxy note 4 should I upgrade my phone with oneplus 3 or no pls answer am so confused?

  5. If you can wait for 6 months or so then samsung s7 price will probably drop to 30-35k mayb even to 22-25k after one year(s7 has better display,sd slot,better camera,water resistance and samsung trust). At that time, instead of buying mi5 or one plus 3, its always better to get a samsung phone(if rates are almost same) considering the after sales service. But if you are not patient, its better to get one plus3 or mi5…(but remember if you wait for 6more months s8 will be out and s7 will seem bit outdated- though actually its just a feeling)

    1. “If you can wait for 6 months or so then samsung s7 price will probably drop to 30-35k ”
      Price drop that early is unlikely…may be after S8 launch.:)

      1. I was waiting for S6 edge to drop from last one year, but still its available at 40000. So don’t think s7 price will drop that easily

        1. edge series may not drop much.. s5 is at 16k now.. s6 shud drop to 22-24k in next 6 months

          1. The main reason that S5 dropping too much at 15k is lacking 4G…….nobody got interested in it.

            You cant expect this much drop in S6 and S7 dude.

    2. if you can wait 6 years then you can get much better device at same price or less.

    3. totally agree with tiktak
      i want an amoled screen with gud camera with microsd slot with microusb port. s7 totally fits, but am a firm believer that we shud not spend more than 20k for a mobile. s5 is available for 16k now, hopefully after 2 yrs will buy s7 then. i beleive it has got enuf processing power to last 5yrs easily!

    4. waste of time for waiting for a period of 6 month for samsung s6 or ++ there is nothing except brand name in samsung, wake up bro

  6. Definitely not a flagship killer. I dont find a reason to buy op3 over my op1. it still works like a charm. The quality of the camera is still not improved. moreover 3000 mh battery will not be sufficient enough considering 6gb and 820 processor. The price should be less than 25K.

  7. Everything is good, but the camera bump on the back is ugly. They could have fitted a larger battery.

  8. ZTE Axon 7 is much better than OP 3 and Mi5 and even Zenfone Deluxe 3.
    I hope it gets launched in India or I’ll get it imported.

  9. Guys, its good phone as Oneplus has managed to overcome almost all drawback and bugs which they have in previous models (One plus One, Two and X). Also build quality and finishing is much much better then previous one. Only issue is with its pricing. The ideal price should be 24-25k. What u say Gogi ji…

    1. Yes price of 25K would have been awesome, as for bugs / drawbacks not sure cause this is a new hardware they are using for first time.

  10. Most people will hardly use all of 6GB Ram. They should bring 4GB RAM/32 GB Rom model and price it just under mi 5. That should do the trick of good sale for one plus.

  11. Wow very good phone. It’s going to be a rocking… don’t compare with Mi5 as one+ phone build quality will be good and service is excellent. OS and updates also good. Only things missing here are quad HD screen and dual surround speakers. May be price could be 1-2k less. Any way soon you get 10-15% cash back offers and it would be a best buy.

  12. I like the stock like UI, less weight, AMOLED screen, quick charge and the notification toggle of OP3. The price is bit high and they should have given an IR blaster with 4gb ram instead of 6gb.

  13. Nothing interesting… this a flagship killer?

    Only single speaker vent……3000 mah battery…!

    1. What else do you want ? Gimmicks like the heart rate sensor, laser autofocus, quad HD display? Or do you want fridge, washing machine everything ? Come on man ! For the price, it is awesome. If you want ‘interesting’ go pay 50k.

  14. No one has talking abt volte?? Is dis phn supports Volte?? Please Mr gogi clarify dis

    1. no one is talking about it because no body really cares about volte. if call quality is good then that is all that matters really.

    1. I am not going to buy this ‘One’, will see if I can get a review unit. Also the hardware is the same as on Mi 5 even camera sensors.

  15. I am disappointed with OnePlus 3, 6GB RAM makes no sense, the price is good but one would buy the Xiaomi Mi 5 for 25K,

    Either Mi 5 or OP 3 price difference is Rs. 3,000.

    1. I wont buy mi5 at all they just ditch waste product , for sure i will spend 3k as 6gb ram will be used in near future as well , m a mi3 user they charge much higher than their country but one plus never charge more and gives great features and quality for the price.

        1. Can you please share your technical explanation to support your statement “Six GB on a phone will never be used”

        2. Some days ago when 2 gb ram phones had launched all said same now scene has changed same heavy apps and heavy os will sure come to use 6 gb ram more graphics intense games will land on androids as well

  16. Gogi sir can you please review the phone ASAP I wanted to know about the display clarity in VR and battery backup

    1. It will not look good in VR as it is only full HD. Quad HD screens are Good for VR.

    1. Go and spend 50000 and buy samsung or lg. Damn, you all expect every thing in a mobile for a cheap price. Its really hard to satisfy you all

    2. don’t buy simple… company ne ye phone tere liye nahi banaia… so buy an iphone costing 50k simple

  17. but the worst thimg is that you have to update your app which is 620 mb and to update that we have to wait atleast for a hour. they should broadcasted as live event like a video ?