Smartphones are constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest releases when making a purchase decision. India saw the launch of two new smartphones recently: the Moto G64 5G and the Vivo T3X. Both phones have impressive features and specifications that cater to different types of users. This comparison will go into detail about each phone in order for you to decide which one is more aligned with what you want from a smartphone.

Pricing: The Make or Break Factor

When it comes down to buying anything, price tends be one of if not the most important thing.“Vivo T3X offers several variants including” 4GB RAM + 128 GB storage priced at Rs.13,499″ while “Moto G64 5G starts with an” 8GB RAM + 128 GB storage variant priced at Rs.14,999.” So even though there is a difference in starting prices various offers/promotions might level things out between them.

Performance: Chipsets & Connectivity

The Moto G64 5G runs on the worlds first MediaTek Dimensity 7025 processor which is made using a “6nm process” whereas Vivo T3X has Qualcomm Snapdragon “6 Gen1” Processor built using“4nm process”. That being said both devices support 5G networks however Moto G64 supports more bands than any other device available now (carrier aggregation).

Camera Capabilities: Capture Every Moment

The camera system present in smartphones nowadays plays an integral role in shaping user experience when it comes photography and videography. And this where we see major differences between these two phones as far as cameras are concerned because on one hand we have got moto g(50MP OIS Camera with Quad Pixel Technology) which gives you all kinds of versatile shooting options but then again vivo t3x has only got a 50MP primary lens without much else going for it.

Display & Design: Aesthetic Appeal & Usability

Smartphones are designed to be both beautiful and functional which is why these two areas cannot be overlooked when comparing different models. The moto g(6.5 inch Full HD+ Display) has always been known for its elegant design that does not compromise on durability – this time around they have used premium 3D PMA Acrylic Glass so expect nothing less than gracefulness from it visually while the vivo t3x(6.72 inch Full HD+ Display) stands out with a unique texture at back giving users more options in terms of what feels better in their hands or looks prettier to them.

Battery Life & User Interface: Convenience Meets Efficiency

A smartphone should not die on you during your day, being an essential tool that keeps us connected and entertained throughout the day battery life is an important factor to consider when buying one. Moto G64 5G and Vivo T3X come equipped with 6000mAh batteries so don’t worry about recharging every few hours.“User interface” is another thing worth looking into because it can make or break user experience but luckily for us both devices run on android operating system so we should expect smooth navigation across all apps however moto g comes with near stock android experience myux customisation options while vivo t3x relies on “one touch ui based on android 14”

Conclusion: Make Up Your Mind

The Moto G64 5G and Vivo T3X are both very good phones with solid features performance-wise. However Moto G supports many more bands than any other device available right now which means superior camera features (50 MP OIS Camera with Quad Pixel Technology), premium design etc making it future proof hence becoming our recommended choice for most versatile smartphone experience seekers while vivo t3x(only 50MP primary camera lens) may suffice for those who just want a good-looking device without all the bells and whistles.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -