Gionee Elife E7 Mini gets the break – KitKat 4.4.2!

Gionee started rolling the KitKat update on its flagship model the Gionee Elife S5.5. And now the E7 Mini gets the break. KitKat 4.4.2 has been rolled out for the E7 Mini model. This is good news for users using E7 Mini but there is a bad news too, you cannot upgrade OTA.

The Android 4.4.2 update on the Elife E7 Mini handset can be done only by visiting the service centre. This update will be done for free. According to Gionee due to some hardware restrictions the update cannot be done over the Air (OTA).

You will get a host of new feature once you update your E7 Mini to KitKat. There is a new desktop layout, DU battery saver has been added along with Touch pal, Camcard and Du Speed booster. With this update you also get a new UI, updated Game zone, Kingsoft WPS, UC Browser and NQ security for mobiles.

Some apps like Texas poker, Wonder ZOO, Cricket champion and Green Farmer have been removed. If you have updated your E7 Mini do leave your comments below. Non availability of OTA updates is disappointing, it would have been better if Gionee had uploaded the install file on their support page with instruction on how to update the handset.

Gionee Elife E7 Mini  gets the kitkat update

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  1. Manoj says

    It’s risky to manual update from gionee sites? if my mobile get any issue, can i go service center or my warranty void? Pls help me !!!!

  2. Subrata says

    Hi Gogi,
    I have 2 questions.
    1. Are you going to get this update done in your e7 mini and give us a review on the same?
    2. I am new to this update thing. So after this update will I loose my old data,apps,games,photos etc.?

    • Gogi Rana says

      Subrata, I have the E7 not the E7 mini, still time for E7 to get the update. As for the data loss I think it will be lost. Moreover you need to visit the service centre to get the update done.

  3. Aravind says

    I am using Elife E7 and hate the Amigo UI, can I get the update or even expect to get it anytime?? Your contacts wit the company Gionee, what do they say? the flagship phone left to die?

    • Aravind says

      I feel bad about the E7 not getting any attention from the company. Please contact them.

  4. sid says

    @Mina Majumder
    xioami better than gionee.
    gionee product very overpriced.
    samsung is a king of mobile market.
    s3 s4 s5 , note2,3,4 are awesome.

  5. Pratik says

    Mr. Gogi do you have any idea why E3 users are not getting kitkat update…? Can you confirm it from the Gionee officials?

  6. Mina Majumder says

    Gionee and Xiaomi both the china companies are doing great with their products and affordable price tags. These two brands will soon take down the other brands like Nokia, Samsung, Sony etc. :-)

    • Shadow XD says

      @Mina, I don’t think that Gionee is going to take Samsung but maybe Nokia (as Nokia has discontinued Asha and feaure phones and also Nokia X series), also Samsung has its own special place in India as well as world also.

    • Pratik says

      Nokia already gone. Samsung will die very soon !! Xiaomi has the potential but Gionee failed to impress. Poor service and weak software update policy !!

        • Pratik says

          My Lava Iris 504q is as solid as rock… Never had a chance to go to SC :) That phone is really like a torture absorbing machine ! I have rooted it and flashed 10+ rom so far.. But my Gionee E3 is giving me pain.. Network dropping issue, white dot on display.. Not so cool you know !

    • Robin Singh says

      It will be Xiaomi who will take over samsung/sony/lg/htc because it provides very impressive specs.
      Gionee sucks because of mediatek SoC which has no updates or custom roms.

      If Xiaomi can provide good after sale service. It’s gonna own all other phone makers.