Are you using a Samsung handset then check this out. Samsung has launched a new offer called Samsung Never Mind. Under this offer users will get screen replacement (for broken screen) on selected tablets and smartphones that they purchased within 12 month for a nominal price.

The Samsung Never Mind offer that they launched this festive season might bring cheers to few who broke their screen. If you have bought a Samsung devices (phone / tablet) and the screen is broken then do check the Samsung Never Mind offer.

If your device is listed in this offer then you can get the screen replaced for just Rs. 990. All you need to do is visit a authorized Samsung service centre and if your devices is in the list and you had purchased it within 12 months then the broken screen will be replaced for Rs. 990.

Samsung Never Mind offer

Do note that scratches on the screen  will not be covered, also if the screen is damaged cause of any fluid / liquid then too it is not covered.

Check the list of eligible devices here.