New Delhi, India, June 03, 2024: CMF by Nothing has just announced an exclusive and exciting giveaway offer during the highly anticipated Flipkart End of Season Sale ending on June 8th and the Myntra End of Season Sale ending on June 10th. This is a unique opportunity for consumers to win amazing prizes, including its recently launched Nothing Phone (2a) and their latest CMF Buds, simply by buying any CMF by Nothing products.

About CMF by Nothing

CMF by Nothing is an innovative firm that focuses on producing top-notch audio and tech devices at reasonable prices. Their selection includes ground-breaking gadgets like the CMF Neckband Pro and CMF Buds which have gained positive reviews for their performance features and worth.

Details of the Giveaway

During Flipkart End of Season Sale and Myntra End of Season Sale events, customers can buy various CMF products from as low as ₹1799 while stocks last. Part of the giveaway includes every two hundred fiftieth customer who purchases a pair of Buds will get another pair plus every five hundredth customer will get one phone “Nothing”(2a).

The Nothing Phone (2a)

Featuring advanced technology with sleek design, it’s one more phone added to Nothing’s line-up; this is what gives us the new product called The Nothing Phone (2a). There is a reason this phone is one of the most sought-after prizes—high resolution display, strong processor, long-lasting battery.

CMF Neckband Pro

This March saw the launch of CMF Neckband Pro that promises great sound quality combined with comfort. It has been developed for lengthy listening sessions thanks to noise cancellation feature in addition to superior battery life. This product can be availed at a starting price of ₹1799 during the sale hence making it an unbelievable bargain.

Other CMF Products on Offer

Besides, there will be other CMF by Nothing products available at special sale prices. These include the much-loved CMF Buds which are known for their audio quality and comfort.

How to Participate

Those willing to participate in the draw need to buy the CMF Neckband Pro during the Flipkart End of Season Sale or Myntra End of Season Sale events. June 8th and June 10th are respectively the closing dates for these sales, thus mark your calendars so you won’t forget buying by then.

Benefits of CMF Products

In terms of cost effectiveness, highly regarded is what best describes products developed under CMF by Nothing brand. Durability and state-of-the-art sound as well as innovative features with amazing design make people who have used them talk about CPN Neckband Pro, while many finds its sleekness commendable.

Flipkart End of Season Sale

This event is among this year’s major sales where numerous items would be sold at much discounted rates. It is a good time to grab that expensive looking CPM Neckband Pro and stand a chance to win other prizes through giveaway promotion.

Myntra End of Season Sale

The Myntra End of Season Sale is another huge shopping season that provides excellent deals for shoppers. For instance, this marks another opportunity for customers to buy various products made by CMF by Nothing on discount prices before entering into a competition like this one.

Customer Testimonials

Positive feedback from consumers who have used the CMF Neckband Pro has commended its comfort and sound quality. In addition, those who have used the Nothing Phone (2a) attest to its performance and design.

Tips on how to get best deals during sales

To grab the best during these sales, make sure you go there early enough and check for any additional offers. Increase your chances of winning by purchasing the CMF Neckband Pro once the sales commence.


The Flipkart End of Season Sale or Myntra End of Season Sale exclusive giveaway by CMF by Nothing is something you cannot afford to miss. With prizes such as Nothing Phone (2a) and CMF Buds up for grabs, it’s a perfect time to buy high-quality audio products at discounted prices.


What is CMF through Nothing giveaway offer?

Specifically, the reward provides for each 250th and 500th buyer of the CMF Neckband Pro during Flipkart and Myntra sales to receive the Nothing Phone (2a) and CMF Buds respectively.

How can I enter in this competition?

You will be automatically entered into the competition if you buy a CMF Neckband Pro on Flipkart End of Season Sale or on Myntra End of Season Sale.

Which are key features of Nothing Phone (2a)?

It has high-resolution display, powerful processor, long-lasting battery life and sleek design that makes it a desired gadget.

Are there other discounts available during these sales?

Yes, that’s right; you can get discounted prices on various products offered by CMF by Nothing including CMF Neckband Pro at both Flipkart End of Season Sale and Myntra End of Season Sale.

How can I know if I have won a prize?

Once you win your prize, your contact details as provided at the point of purchase will allow us to notify you.