Boult Audio Curve Neckband Bluetooth Headphone review – comes with vibration alert

Boult Audio Curve is another Neckband headphone that also comes with magnetic earbuds. This Bluetooth headphone is exclusively available on Myntra for Rs. 1,624. Check the review to know more about how this headphone performed.

There are many Bluetooth headphones available in the market, some come with a Neckband. These neckband headphones helps give a good support to the earbuds and are specially made for extreme activities – like walking, jogging, running, sports etc.

The Boult Audio Curve Neckband Bluetooth Headphone is light weight, durable and comes with noise cancellation technology. This headphone is sweat resistant and the battery life is pretty good, this will keep you entertained for a longer period of time.

Boult Audio Curve Neckband Bluetooth headphone review

Boult Audio Curve specifications

Type : Neckband Bluetooth Headphone
Bluetooth Version : 4.2
Inside the Box (Unboxing) : Headphone, extra ear plug caps, cable to charge the headphone and user manual
Controller : On neckband, 3 buttons, comes with mic with noise cancellation
Special feature : Vibration notification
Color Options : Red, Black Grey
Battery Charging : Built in – takes 1 to 2 hours to charge
Battery Life : up to 10 hours

Boult Audio Curve Neckband


Wear the neckband around your neck and put the ear buds in your ear. The neckband gives a very good support to the ear bud and helps prevent the ear buds from falling. The neckband body is made of plastic and the controller is on one side of the neckband.

Boult Audio Curve Neckband Bluetooth controller

There are 3 buttons on the controller – volume +/- and action button – you can accept calls / reject calls / skip to next media file / skip to previous media file / pause / play. There is LED notification, vibration and voice notification (power on, power off etc).  Ear buds are smaller in size, fits well and is made of plastic and metal. In fact the ear buds are magnetic, they attach to each other.

When you are not using the headphone, keep the neckband in the neck, remove the ear buds and bring them closer, so they attach. This will keep the buds in place, and prevents the headset from falling off.

The Boult Audio Curve is sweat resistant and battery life is very good. Sound quality is very good, bass is very good, high, and the mid and the low are clearly audible. Plus when you get a incoming call, the neckband vibrates.

Boult Audio Curve Neckband Bluetooth magnetic ear bud


This Boult Audio Curve headphone is perfect for those on the move and want to get entertained. This neckband style headphone is comfortable, you hardly feel you are wearing a earbud and they do not fall off that easily.

Boult Audio Curve Neckband Bluetooth Headphone is available on Myntra for Rs. 1,624.

Rating 4.5 out of 5


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