This is a unique earphone that looks different and using a detachable design. Here is the review of HZ ZS6 custom built hybrid Hi-Fi in-ear earphone review. Unique thing about this earphone is it comes with dual balanced armature and dual dynamic driver units.

So in all there are 8 hybrid technology 2x dynamic + 2x Balanced armature drivers on left ear bud and the same on right ear bud. The earphone components are packed inside a aluminium body and the ear buds comes with detachable wires.

Now you can use Bluetooth module – just attach the module wire to the ear buds – this Bluetooth module is sold separately. For enhanced sound quality you can also use silver plated wire (also sold separately). For best results use the latest smartphones, this earphone may not sound that great on older devices.

KZ ZS6 Custom-built Hybrid HiFi In-ear Earphones review

KZ ZS6 specifications

Type : In-Ear Earphone
Model : KZ ZS6
Body : Aluminium
Drivers : Integrated 2 dynamic unit and 2 balanced armatures units for each side earbud
Special : Detachable design, you can remove wires
Features : Hi-Fi, make / receive calls, media control, voice control
Cable Length : 1.2m
Impedance : 15ohms
Sensitivity :  105dB
Frequency :  7-40000 Hz
Controller : In wire – single multi function button with microphone

KZ ZS6 Custom-built Hybrid HiFi In-ear Earphones design


The KZ ZS6’s 8 driver hybrid tech gives you awesome sound experience. You get extra sound details, rich sound, strong bass and the high / lows are pretty clearly audible. To make the most of this special earphone use the latest hardware (smartphone).

KZ ZS6 Custom-built Hybrid HiFi In-ear Earphones quality

The ZS6 sound a lot different from other earphones. It is an excellent Hybrid earphone that is quite affordable. The ear buds are a bit bulky, little heavy, but they fit well. There are 3 color options to choose from – Red, Black and Green.

KZ ZS6 Custom-built Hybrid HiFi In-ear Earphones detachable wire


A unique looking earphone custom built Hybrid Hi-Fi perfect for music lovers. And as mentioned buy this only if you are using the latest handset  (new handsets launched within 8 months). KZ ZS6 Custom-built Hybrid HiFi In-ear Earphones is not available in India, you can buy from GearBest.

Rating 4.8 out of 5

Where to buy?

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By Rajeev Rana

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