Flipkart drops app only for now launches Flipkart Lite for Mobile

Just like they did with the Myntra brand, i.e. made it App only (the Myntra online store can be access using app only on mobile or tablet), Flipkart was also planning to make Flipkart accessible using app only, however they have dropped the idea, for now, but have launched a lighter version called Flipkart Lite for Mobile users.

Mobile users can either use Flipkart Lite version that will automatically show when you visit the Flipkart.com URL on your smartphone or tablet, or users can download the Flipkart app. The new Flipkart Lite interface is pretty simple and easy to use.

The mobile user base has increased and more and more users are now accessing sites using their mobile or tablet. They are connected even when they are on the move. So it makes sense to target these – on the move users.

flipkart lite mobile friendly

Unfortunately not everyone wants to install an app every now and then, for such users a mobile friendly page is more than enough. But there might be many reasons why many sites are forcing users to use they app, what do you think?


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