Xiaomi had already launched the Mi Bluetooth 4.1 earphone in China, but as of now it is not yet available in India. The Mi BT earphone is a light weight earphone that comes in Black and White color options.

The white box pack is pretty small and inside you will find the Mi Bluetooth earphone, data cable, user guide (it is in Chinese language) and 2 extra rubber ear plug with attached hook.

The earphone looks really cool. I got the black color version (with matte finish) for the review. Mi Bluetooth earphone has got a simple design that looks quite elegant and pretty light weight at just about 7 grams with built in battery. You will hardly feel it when you wear it.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth earphone box pack

On the tip you will find the micro USB port to charge up this earphone and that also includes the microphone. Just above the micro USB port, on the front, there is a LED indicator. A single button is placed on the top. There are in total 3 ear plugs with hook, use the one that fits well and is comfortable.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth earphone power button

Press and hold the button for few seconds to power on – you will see the Blue LED lighting up. Press and hold button for few seconds to switch off – you will see the Red LED glowing and then it will shut off.

To enter pairing mode you will need to press and hold and keep holding until you see the Blue LED blinking continuously. Pairing is simple, you will get some Chinese text – that is actually the Mi earphone, pair it and you can change the text on your smartphone to English.

After pairing double press the button to dial last number, single press to cancel the call, press and hold for a while to switch to next song when using media player.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth earphone review

This device is using BT 4.1. The range is up to 10 meters. Sound quality is pretty impressive. The ear plug with hook fits well but not fully secure; the earphone could fall out if you jerk your head slightly. Sound loudness is okay (decent enough), you can control that using your smartphone.

There is voice notification, however it’s in Chinese language. This earphone has not yet been released in India and the one that you can order online will most likely be a Chinese version. So far I could not find the English update for the same.

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth earphone in ear

The built in battery can be fully charged in less than 2 hours and gives up to 5 hours of talk time and up to 180 hours of standby time. For my kind of usage I am getting almost 2 days of battery backup.

The Mi Bluetooth 4.1 earphone is no doubt a very good earphone that looks amazing beautiful, lightweight and unique. This earphone is not available in India, however in case you are interested you can get it from Banggood.com website.

Mi Earphone is available banggood.com for $16.59 (approx ₹1,096).

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By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor - gogi.in