Introducing a special type of Nothing box pack CMF with two exciting products. This post is going to delve into the unboxing and review for Neckband Pro and Wireless Earbuds from Nothing’s CMF lineup.

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Neckband Pro which costs Rs.1799, has some impressive features such as 50 decibel Adaptive ANC making it the first neckband with this technology at this price point. On the other hand, Wireless Earbuds priced at Rs.2499 has 42 dB ANC cancellation and 4 HD mics.

The vibrant orange color of both devices immediately catches the eye when they are unboxed, setting them apart from the typical black or white options in the market. The Neckband Pro comes with a sleek design equipped with magnetic earbuds while the Wireless Earbuds come inside a charging case that has unique rotating option.

Inside are additional earplug caps in different sizes for comfortable fit on all users. The matte finished CMF Nothing earbuds have a touch-sensitive control system that enhances user experience effortlessly.

Connection wise, both of these devices offer dual connection support which enables simultaneous pairing of two devices by users. The Neckband Pro’s ANC adapts in different environments while the Wireless Earbuds offer customisable EQ settings for personalised sound preferences.

As far as performance goes, both devices provide great audio quality and microphone clarity that makes them ideal for conversations as well as immersive music experiences. With up to 37 hours battery life on Neckband Pro and 35 hours with its charging case on Wireless Earbuds, longer usage is guaranteed without frequent charging.

In conclusion, Nothing’s CMF lineup presents an aspirational option for individuals who look forward to affordable yet feature-packed audio solutions. Eye-catching designs, advanced features coupled with competitive prices make Neckband Pro together with Wireless Earbuds an irresistible combination for tech enthusiasts.

By Rajeev Rana

Founder and Chief Editor -