The Nokia X is Nokia’s first android powered handset. This handset is powered by dual core processor and houses dual SIM slots. The Nokia X is priced at under Rs. 8,500. The X is good but not that impressive find out why.

Nokia X box pack
Contents inside the box – handset, 1500 mAh battery, user guide, travel charger and red colored earphone.

Design and Display
The X looks exactly similar to the Nokia Asha 5xx models. There is a single navigation (touch) button at the front bottom. The handset weight is 131 grams with battery and dimensions are 63.13 x 115.65 x 10.90mm. Build quality is very good and it feel good to hold.

The volume rockers and the power button is on the right side, micro USB port at the bottom and 3.5mm audio jack on the top. The rear and the sides are with matte finish. The X is available in 7 different color options.  This is a dual SIM handset (micro SIMs) with dual standby mode.

The 4 inch IPS screen is with 800 x 480 pixels resolution. Touch is smooth. Nokia Glance Screen and double tap options are also available. Viewing angle is okay, not that good. There are accelerometer, light and proximity sensors.

Nokia X Box Pack

OS, Memory, Storage
The X runs on the Nokia X platform version  10.0.3 which is based on Android 4.1.2. Nokia has made the interface look almost like as seen on the windows phone – one screen scroll down, live tiles effect etc. You really don’t get the android feel when you look at the interface.

Nokia x unboxing - front view

There is on-board 512MB RAM of which 197MB is available. Of the 4GB storage 1.29GB is allocated for apps and 1.17GB as the phone storage. Apps can be installed on the external storage. OTG is not supported. OTA updates are supported.

The chipset is MSM8625 qualcomm snapdragon dual core processor clocked at 1GHz with Adreno 203 GPU. The handset does lag at times.

Nokia X review


  • Quadrant Standard – 2903.
  • AnTuTu – 7633.
  • Nenamark 2 – 32.3 fps
  • Multi touch – 2 points.

Gaming and Entertainment
The handset cannot play 1080p videos – it can play 720p videos. There are a lot of games that comes pre-installed but I tried the Asphalt 8 – it got installed on the external storage. The game was playable in very low visual quality but at times it did lag.

There is a single camera of 3MP resolution (fixed focus). The quality is okay. There is no flash support. You can record videos in 864 x 480 pixels resolution.

Nokia x 3MP camera

Sound is very loud and clear. Google play store is missing, instead you will find the Nokia store. You will not find a lot of apps on the Nokia store as you would on Google play. However if you have the APK files the same can be installed on the Nokia X. 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS worked without any issues.

This handset comes with a 1500 mAh battery. After 17 minutes the battery dropped by 8% (running benchmark apps and playing some games). For the 2nd time I played the Asphalt game for about 28 minutes the battery dropped by 26% and the max temperature was 43 degrees.

Nokia X battery 1500 mAh

You can expect 3 hours of backup time with heavy usage but when playing high end games like the Asphalt 8 the battery % will drop much faster.

The Nokia X running on the Android OS is not that impressive. The handset does lag at times. Nokia has customized the OS, revoked access to Google play and Google services. This could further cause sync issues with some apps.

The price of approx Rs. 8,300 is also seems too high – Nokia Lumia 525 with windows is a better option.

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Sample Images

Nokia X handset and Gaming review

FWVGA video shot using the Nokia X handset

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  1. sir …do,this phone hav a home key for minimizing the current task….can we do multitasking by pressing the home key as in android or windows button in wp plzzz hlp me sir..

  2. Does this phone support file sharing over wifi, with the help of apps like flash transfer/xender

  3. rather than appreciating nokia for debut phone , so many bad comment with frm all . Samsung taken very seriously by reducing S4 price Upto 29000 apprx now. And karbonn started local ads on bus stops for first time in navi mumbai everywhere. So result is clear all samsung, micrimax etc . are afraid after nokia android entry. they know they will spoil the market of local n Samsung. if u commenting price point of view it is quality rather than scrap full plastic even in 10k phone from lava, karbonn, micromx . and etc. so u all forgot quality u just focusing on quantity.

  4. I want to know about the multitasking capabilities..!! Its support real time multitasking like i os?? Or just lyk google sweets??

  5. Frankly, I’m happy this phone gets a lukewarm review. The Nokia part is still awesome. The audio quality will be awesome and these earphones alone will be better than you can get for under 800 rs on the market. The color saturation will show you proper colors without putting a yellow tinge on everything as not just Chinese phones but even Samsung and Sony devices always do. The processor is Qualcomm dual-core(not Mediatek) and we know that even Mediatek processors run proper Android very comfortably, even over a 5-inch screen with 512 ram without serious lag unless you’re multitasking. Gogi is right when he says(in his video review) that the problem is with the OS. This half-android platform drains battery quicker and lags worse than either Windows or proper Android. Either the Nokia 525 or a proper Android quad-core like the Zen Ultrafone HD will be a much better option at this price. I hope it flops miserably even in China after the initial curiosity-driven hype.

    I hope it flops because then Microsoft(led by our dear Satyu) may latch on to the correct strategy, which is to launch dual-boot Android-cum-Windows phones. The Android part will be stock Android only lightly customized by Nokia to maximize user comfort(not heavily mangled by Microsoft to make the angels weep) But any Nokia Android phone will also come with Windows Phone 8 and a dual-boot option. Needless to say, Nokia’s hardware quality will ensure that Nokia quickly have something like an 80% share in the Android market! And every time you buy a Nokia Android, you get a Windows OS on the side, so brisk business for Microsoft! Besides, since Windows consumes battery juice slower and is a little smoother and better for simpler tasks, people will have their phones booted to Windows a lot of the time switching to Android only for more complicated tasks. Microsoft can get users not just to use Windows but also their search and cloud services by attractive credit systems so that gradually people will spend more time using Microsoft services simply from sheer inertia and force of habit! That will be the quickest route to Microsoft’s becoming a serious competitor to Google and the competition will be great for the consumer. And we get real Android on Nokia(and Windows Phone 8 too)! A quad-core(Quallcomm Snapdragon!) 5.5 inch Nokia with 720p resolution and a 3000 mah battery and 1 gb ram and a 10 mp camera at about 18 k with dual-boot Android and Windows hone 8 will the smash-hit of the century when it arrives!

  6. Nokia should stay on its own windows os rather than making any crap android!!
    The brand name does not proves the mobile performance.So,please stay with your windows os.
    Don’t know why the company want to play with it’s customers.
    Lastly,when are you reviewing Micromax Canvas Knight sir?

  7. Honestly speaking, a rather underwhelming review with only very basics covered. I mean, the phone is of an entirely new crop so a little UI analysis as well as the makeup goodies coverup was expected.

  8. hi gogi.. Review is too small..! What about UI, HERE, nokia apps, it’s nokia’s android phone, so expected more about its unique featurers that you can’t find in other android devices… Hope you update in future…

  9. dwnld mx plyr from any other site otherwise dwnld the vlc from Nokia store ….. then play full hd video bcj many phones available in the market cant play 1080p video through its default video plyr

  10. Hello gogi i am a regular reader of your blog. As you,mentioned we don’t have a google playstore but some sites are stating that we can,install it. Is it true.

  11. Gogi bro,
    Nokia X hit in china..already 1 millions pre-order.
    why its hit in china ?

    I think pricing difference between india nd china.
    China price=599 yuan ( 5960 INR)
    India price=8599 INR
    Direct 8599 – 5960=2639rs ka difference.
    I think 5960rs is perfect pricing for x

    1. Probably the price but you see if the X is priced at under 6K in India that would mean trouble for the Nokia Asha 5xx series.

  12. This site is best for pulling apk files to any non-supported phones. As I said earlier I download from google play to my Nokia X2 02 then send it to my Android via Bluetooth 🙂 By the way, Gogi, can we remove windows look with a launchers like Nova, Lightning etc ?

  13. I like you review. Bro tell us if you know about when nokia xl will come indian market.

    1. Sree I m using s duos 2 for last two month but I never felt it as a great phone, may b I m missing to use some special features. The main problem I m feeling that some apps take a long time to open after tapping specially the gallery, contacts & phone book etc. Plz tell me Ur experience and any solution if u can plz.

  14. All in all, the crux of the matter is that the great Nokia has done it again….It has once again managed to think of all the users as brainless fools and tried to shove a sub-standard, obsolete specs, extremely over-priced product down our throat, thinking that we will stand in a que to buy it, only because it has the Nokia printed at the top? Grow up guys. Look around, the world has changed since you lived last.

  15. Battery is pathetic..Dropping a percent/minutes..

    AntUtu scored is 6000 and nenamark score is 32fps on wvga screen .. Feeling pity for this sh**.

  16. Sir, I have few queries. Please answer them

    1) You told that it can play only 720p. Is MX PLAYER available in nokia store for playing 1080p videos???
    2) Some important apps like Clean Master, Battery guru is available or not??
    3) Is multitasking supportable??
    4) This phones doesnt have a front camera. Though SKYPE is loaded. Without front camera, how to use skype in this phone?? This is the most important questn for me.

    Please reply

    1. Hi, There is no MX player, not even on Nokia store, I tried playing using the default player that came pre-installed. It will be hard to find most of the apps as seen on Google Play but as mentioned if you can get / download the APK then you can install it. Multi Talking is supported. You don’t need a font camera for skype voice.

      1. Gogiji i find that samsung has downgraded 3g speed of samsung galaxy s duos
        2 from hspa + to new updates..did u hear that?

  17. i hope nokia xl will be gd, nokia should have added more features like quad core ,hd screen and give a price tag of 10k-15k then it would have been worth it !!!

    1. Then it would have been a blast
      It would have ruled the market and brands like micromax, xolo, karbonn etc once again would have become non-existent.