The Nokia Lumia 525 is upgraded version of Lumia 520. It is an exact replica of 520 with minor changes i.e. 1GB RAM and Bluetooth 4.0 with DLNA support. The older version the Nokia Lumia 520 comes with 512MB RAM and Bluetooth 3.0.

Lumia 525 Box pack
Inside the box you will find the handset, user guide, travel charger, data cable, 1430 mAh battery and quality earphone. The handset is available in 4 different colors.

Design, Display and OS
As mentioned 525 is the 520 with minor internal changes. Look wise there is no difference between these two models. The handset weight with battery is 121 grams and dimensions are  63.90×119.63×10.97 mm.

The power, volume rockers and camera buttons are placed on the right. There is a 3.5mm audio jack on the top side and micro USB port at the bottom.

Nokia Lumia 525 box pack

The LCD display screen is 4 inches supporting resolution of 800×480 pixels. The viewing angles are okay. Touch is extremely smooth and responsive; you can even set the touch sensitivity to work with gloves. There are light, accelerometer and proximity sensors.

The Lumia 525 runs on Windows Phone 8 OS.

Lumia 525 review and unboxing

Memory and Storage
Unlike the Lumia 520 that comes with 512MB RAM, the Lumia 525 comes with 1GB RAM. There is 8GB internal storage of which 4.37GB is available on the first boot. This single SIM handset also houses a micro SD slot (64GB card supported).

The Lumia 525 houses the same hardware that their predecessor does. It is QUALCOMM snapdragon MSM8227 dual core chipset @ 1GHz with Adreno 305 GPU.

Nokia Lumia 525 hands on

Benchmark scores
Antutu for Windows = 7639.
Multi Touch = 5 point.

Camera plus entertainment
The rear camera is 5MP that gives very good still images and the 720p video recording is also pretty good. Street light (low light) images are very good. Do check the sample images / videos at the end. The handset can play full HD videos – 1080p.

5MP AF camera on the Nokia Lumia 525 handset

This handset supports single SIM, you need a micro SIM. 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth worked well. GPS with A-GPS/GLONASS no doubt does an excellent job we have seen this on the Lumia 520 too. Speaker sound / in call sound is very loud and clear.

On the box pack you will find the Asphalt 8 game image, well that’s exactly what I tried. I downloaded the game and it got installed on the internal storage. There was no option to set the graphics details. Game play was smooth but graphic details are low.

The battery backup looks good. The removable battery is of 1430 mAh capacity with up to 10 hours talk time. I played the Asphalt 8 game for about 15 minutes the handset did get heated up a bit and the battery level dropped by 8%.

1430 mAh battery on Nokia Lumia 525

Lumia 525 is a better version of Lumia 520. If your usage is not much, i.e. if it is restricted to phone calls, surfing, social networks etc. then the Lumia 520 is good enough. The 520 is currently priced at under Rs. 8100. Price difference is approx Rs. 2000.

Nokia Lumia 525 is priced at Rs. 10,300 and is definitely a better option to go for than its predecessor.

Image Gallery

Sample Images

Nokia Lumia 525 review video, including Gaming review Asphalt 8.

720p video shot using the Lumia 525 handset

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  1. Hi gogi sir
    I am planning to buy the new Windows phone . which is better 520 or 525

  2. Gogi bhai,

    The temporary files don’t get deleted after tapping “CLEAR” and shows up again. How come so? Is there a flaw? If it is then how to overcome it or will it get resolved after release of 8.1 updtate?

  3. Sir, lumia 520 is thin then the lumia 525 n sir pls tell me which is better n sir can lumia 520 play FHD 1080p video pls tell me sir.

  4. sir plz tell me how to transfer videos from my pc to lumia 525. i have the latest version of windows phone app for desktop but it was not helpful… plz guide. thankyou.

  5. Heyy , Gogi .. Can you please tell me the best phone to buy with all features with good camera with a good performance beautiful UI .. without any issues .. with more battery performance .. Thankyou .. waiting for your reply ..

  6. in lumia 525 the screen doesn’t automatically off when incoming calls are coming, then how we can protect screen frm touch during calls, is thr light sensor or nt

  7. Sir
    can u tell me whts the battery backup of lumia 525 when working with internet for the whole day??

  8. Wrost experience with lumia 520. 1. No file manager means unable to move,copy,rename ur files. 2. Default vdo player don’t support maximum vdo file type, have yx player for vdo but its 250 rupee. 3. If i go to minimized web page its again reload means twice consume my data. 4. It have good display but when i click photo it shows blurry picture means i need a computer for see these pic at full resolution. 5. when i fast forward or rewind my music files its need long press to rewind files. I don’t find any music player in store also its don’t have any equaliser. 6. Its not sync my gmail account though i enter correctly username and pasword. 7. Its here drive is good for offline map but it not acurate alltime, when i select a place from my curent place it shows corect place but it shows 150km far road but actual distance is only 22km its too annowing. 8. lack of apps. Is it a smart phone?

  9. Hi Gogi,

    Please advise how to get old type of nokia t9 keyboard and have it default with lumia 525.

    Also there are few problems i.e. as below not sure how to overcome
    1. Whatsapp not having option to restrict media auto download
    2. Game play i.e. sub way surf or templerun with 1ghz dual core with 1gb ram looks like playing in older 1ghz singlecore 512 MB android phone.
    3. USB thethering seems not supported in win 8 mobile feed setup similar to android ios in wall

    Would appreciate if get answers of above questions. . Thanks a lot in advance ! !

  10. Hi Gogi,

    I’m planning to buy a lumia after following it for 2-3 months now. I had a budget of Rs 12k-13k. Main features I am looking for:
    1. Upgradeability to Windows Phone 8.1 – This is more about being able to run WP 8.1 smoothly. Cant wait until May as I’ going on a tour this month end and need to carry this one along.
    2. Camera – Not so much fan but would love to shoot basic printable images even in low light conditions
    3. Screen size 4 is more preferable
    4. I’m an audio freak. – Will appreciate every bit of audio enhancements available on phone.

    Can you guide me the best phone to choose? Maybe I would have to increase the budget a little to get a better tradeoff.

    1. Hi,
      1. Microsoft has said that all phones with WP8 will get WP8.1 update.
      3. Lumia 525 = 4 inch, 620 = 3.8 inch and 720 is 4.2 inch.
      4. All Lumia models give the best audio quality.
      The cheapest is 525 and 720 is around 17k – depending on your budget. The 620 looks a bit different – curved edges.

  11. nokia android specs..4 inch tft screen, kit kat os, 1 gz dualcore snapdragon 200, 5 mp rear, with 3g.

  12. sir, which of the two is better 720 or 525? and which would be the best phone in the range upto 20k?

    1. Lumia 525 is better in a way, but you don’t have flash and front facing camera! Below 20k apart from Lumia 525, you have Xperia L, Xperia C. If you can put a bit more money then Galaxy Grand 2 is a great choice.

  13. Nokia had been at Apex of phone market–then they forgot how to put good Smart phones in market and lost market share to now miniscule less than 5%. That is because their mid range phones are not fully featured. In a Indian market scenario, Nokia should have included a front cam, and a LED both for flash and even more as torchlight. Just a $ 2 in cost would have fetched them 50% more sales.

    1. Buddy i suppose u haven’t heard of Nokia Lumia 620. Nokias are way better than Sony and Samsung. Tell me if Samsung and Sony can launch dual core handsets with 512 ram at 7800 and 1 gb ram at 9000.

      1. Microsoft pays and subsidies the cost hence nokia is offering at a lower cost compared samsung or sony, for example nexus phones are subsidized by google and sold, at a reasonable price.

      2. Xperia M, has flash, front facing camera, NFC. Current price 11.5k as compared to 10.5k of Lumia 525.

  14. Gogo u correct it not only good windows phone for this price 1gp ram also no competition from android mobile from reputed brand. So well done Nokia.

  15. Please note that 525 is ready for April update of windows 8.1 and the 520 is not eligible as its ram is just 512MB.

    If you like to get updates from microsoft buy 525 else your happy with what you have, go for 520.

  16. still losers no front camera and flash though this is Nokia best selling Mobile but still they r not taking care of customers needs.

  17. Sir will u tell me that gta san andreas is supported in this device or not??? ( because it is compatible with all wp8 devices with 1 gb ram)

    1. Both are good, almost same, you can check both the samples. Low light photos look better on 525 (more brighter).

        1. Check the street light image on both the review. Flash is any way not good on almost all handsets. Flash will work at max 5 feet distance.

          1. yeah that also true ….. which 1 is bttr on low li8 photography grand2 or lumia 525 ….
            & does it have Carl Zeiss lens

          2. Almost similar check the samples and as mentioned the street light image (without flash) is better on Lumia. And no its not with carl zeiss lens.

  18. sir…when u review gionee p3, please mention about the amigo video and music player , there is a pop-up window like feature in video player…..please include that also in ur review…..thank u

  19. dual is a must at this price …i mean not for 1520….they shud start dual sim support atleast for the lower models

    1. If it is a dual sim model and has a front cam then I might have bought it, now thumbs down for 525 .

  20. Sir, if you compare this with magnus then which one’s camera is best for day/night condition?Sir pls rply soon,Thanks

    1. Yes Vishnu,

      You are correct, in 525 at least they might have added front cam and dual sim version at cost of 2-3k more bugs.

  21. detailing in images taken by my ex 520 was awesome. sometimes it looked better than my current note 2. really the camera is too good for the price.

  22. gogi sir, i want to know the difference between amoled and ips screen and which is best for viewing video