Finally Nokia will be launching their first android smartphone, not one in fact three.  Nokia made this announcement today at the MWC 2014 in Barcelona. The Nokia X will be available immediately within few weeks for EUR 89 (approx Rs. 7,500) and the X+ / XL will be released in the 2nd quarter 2014 for EUR 99 (approx Rs. 8,400) and EUR 109 (approx Rs. 9,200). Good news for those waiting for Nokia on droid.

Nokia X
This dual SIM handset (Micro SIM) is powered by qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core processor clocked at 1GHz. Handset weight is 128.7 grams and thickness is 10.4mm. IPS LCD screen is 4 inches supporting 800×480 pixels resolution.

There are accelerometer proximity and light sensors. Key features are 3G, 2G, WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0 and GPS. There is a rear camera of 3MP resolution without flash, it’s a fixed focus camera and the only one (no front camera).

Nokia X comes with 512MB RAM and 4GB storage with 32GB micro SD card support. It runs on Nokia X software platform 1.0 with FOTA support. You can install android apps however there is no access to Google play, instead you will find Nokia’s own app store.

Battery is 1500 mAh that gives talk-time of up to 10 hours.

Nokia X+
This handset is exactly similar to the Nokia X but with a minor change i.e. the X+ comes with 768MB RAM.

Nokia X and Nokia X+

Nokia XL
The XL weight is 190 grams and is 10.9mm thick. The IPS LCD screen here is 5 inches with 800×480 pixels resolution. RAM is 768MB and internal storage is 4GB. Important features are 3G, 2G, Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi.

Nokia XL

The Nokia XL is powered by 1GHz Snapdragon S4 dual core processor. It runs on Nokia X platform. There are dual cameras a front camera of 2MP resolution and rear camera of 5MP resolution. The rear camera is auto focus with LED flash support. Battery is 2000 mAh with up to 13 hours talk-time.

The Nokia X will hit the markets first followed by the Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL within the next few months.

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  1. Does Nokia XL support the HD videos ? It’s Resolution is not so far, but can we watch the all HD videos in MX player, like Android Phones ?

  2. gogi: nokia X , X+, XL, all are supported by gmail accessing? [like mail inbox checking, mail compose with attachment, and more like using the android based OEMs]; and in the nokia store the said so android apps will be available for download [the free versions seen in regular OEMs]?

    can you please comment ?


  3. Gogi do you know if Nokia X has a release date anytime soon? I wanna buy tihs

  4. Why will we buy this it’s only dualcore ,756 mb ram, also not supporting google play. Moto g is quad-core, 1gp ram,gorilla moto g also hd . so only ……… Buy this crap

  5. Why are they launching this mobile without supporting google play. Google please don’t accept this.

  6. No access to Google Playstore so how does one Install apps , Does it have Option to install apps through Unknown Source!!!!

  7. I dont know why these big brands are doing this.

    *1. MOTO G :- If they remove gorilla glass + screen coating, and add SD Card slot + bigger screen (4.5′ is also acceptable !) =RS.12500 to 13000/-

    *2. Nokia XL :- If they give pure AOSP Android without adding too much money waste on New X platform + Atleast Qhd + 1gb ram (s4 snapdragon & 756mb will also acceptable) =RS. 10,000 To 13,000

    *3. Blackberry Z3 :- Again pure android but dont think they give it cos its big os like ios (think apple to use android) that is acceptable but 99% apk apps should have to work + 1gb ram perfect ,no problem in this + 5′ qhd ,no problem + 8mp cam! Frm bb, NO PROBLEM ! +processor is also good = 10 to 12k.

    What are your thoughts about this Gogi.

  8. Gogi Bro,

    Nokia XL with ram 768MB in adroid? how effective will it be? Why couldn’t they go for 1gb ram?

  9. Gogi , any news regarding its availability or release date? And can you give us a glance on its processor? is it Cortex A5 based? Or is it the same as in xperia M and L?

  10. Gogi, as we know that Google Play Store can be installed as an apk file. so is it possible to install the play store apk as an 3rd party app and then access playstore via that? plz let me know. if that can be possilble I think there’s nothing to worry about.

    1. yes u can use directly google play fro.m there. The apk is only 13mb, so no a big file to download too.

  11. Gogi, what do you think its customized android or purely different os that can run android apps?

  12. No need of Google Play Store. I pull APK files from Google Play Store itself to my NOKIA X2 02 with help of APK downloader site ‘evozi’ then sideload to GiONEE eLife E7. So you can pull apk files directly to Nokia X on its own browser using apk downloader site.

  13. Too Late Too little

    Nokia invited for wedding party but they come on Child 6th birthday with wedding gift 🙂

  14. Nokia does every thing right only problem is with operating system in past, now the thiñgs got changed now problem is hardware which is not acceptable for 9000rs .u get better mobile for this price.make it right this time nokia

  15. As others have pointed out, no need of google play as you can sideload apk files. But I’ll be really interested in the custom apps for these phones which nokia will have on their own playstore. The multimedia apps are likely to be superior to anything we get on the regular playstore in playback quality(even if they play fewer file types) Plus there will be apps to sync your device to your Lumia Windows device. I wonder if these apps can be backed up using ES Explorer and used on other Android devices as well. The custom launcher used by Nokia will also likely greatly improve on the stock android experience. I wonder if we can back that up as well. The day may not be far away when we may get dual-mode windows+android phones from Nokia.

  16. Everything is alright except the processor it is cortex a5/ Snapdragon 200.. Which is a bit downside of these phones..

  17. nokia again going to become leader in india my prediction is while some brand may become thing of past…….

  18. don’t know what ppl are expecting from these phones

    these phones will be priced at 6k-10k

    and i don’t think any of you will get 1gb of ram in any indian cum chinese company at 6k

    and here they are getting same 512mb of ram and android 4.4.2 ( not 4.2) that too from mobile giant nokia still ppl here are complaining

    better u ppl stick with your indian cum chinese phones

    here ppl like me are waiting for phones with better build quality and baap battery backup

    and nokia has done that

  19. now have to see what blackberry will do… BlackBerry Z3… it will be tempting if launched for around Rs 10,000…

  20. Disappointed!! The UI looks like combination of android and windows phone but instead of taking best from both, they have done quite the opposite. So neither andro nor WP users will be satisfied with it.
    And not to forget that these phones will not support google play (cause its not an android.. they call it nokia X OS platform). Android apps will need customization to run on this phone! So forget about all the latest apps and live with whats available on fastlane by mercy nokia.

    This gives them a good excuse to say “It didn’t work!”, lets go back to WP. 🙂

    1. Ya bro,
      but Nokia allow to use App store other than google play like yandex app store,1mobile app store etc.
      Nokia developer says 75% Android apps compible with NOKIA X series without any modification

  21. Why can’t nokia change their designs. All phones 501 , 502 and nw dis X+ and xL all phones having similar design.. It wont luk gud…

  22. I think these android smart phones will not be a huge success in the market today. Because of the screen sizes fixed by nokia. Nowadays the minimum screen size of a smart phone is 5.5 inch. And we can clearlly notice this when we examine the new arrived smartphones from Lg, karbonn,Samsung, htc etc…:-) 🙂 🙂

    1. no bro I am looking an powerful droid with 4or4.5″ but unable to find I think this will be better option for me

    2. Yeah, humans will soon grow a third hand for holding the billboard phones of the future. Evolution at its best. LOL.

    3. Really 5.5 inch big size..
      Not everybody like big size phones.
      The main things which are different Nokia from Indian and Chinese OEMs are Build Quality,Design,User Interface,Durability,Custmor service.

  23. 75% of Android apps compatible with Nokia X means 75% ofAndroid apps will run on Nokia X software platform without any modifications.
    Nokia launches App compatibility analyser.

  24. Gud stretagy for nokia…if these budget frndly phone work for nokia than I think they will launch premium android phone in near future…Nokia’s ram management is gud even with less 1GB …processor are snappy s4 with 2sim great

  25. An ordinary phone with extremely mediocre specs. 3MP camera, 512/768 RAM ! what is this? in the age of high specs who will go for these. Only because they have been launched by Nokia and are android does not mean that people will just jump at them to grab one, Nokia come on. understand the mentality of people.

  26. GOGI SIR, Is nokia store provide all the playstore apps or some selected apps? is it a full android mobile or android apps running microsofts nokia mobile?

  27. Hi Gogi…XL reminds me of lava 501 ….frankly the market looks really looks confusing…also add the new BkackBerry at around 10K ….2014 might see you set new records at reviewing…perhaps we might see your name inThe Guinness Book Of World Records..

  28. They should have launched them with android kitkat. Even though a forked version , 512 & 768 ram with single core processor will not be enough for jb 4.1.

    1. And rahul one more thing i have to say, see the screen sizes of the smart phones.. 4 inch and 5inch. Who want these small screens? Now the minimum screen size required for a smartphone is 5.5 inch. And we can clearlly seen when we examine the new phones from LG, SAMSUNG, HTC, KARBONN etc.

  29. now chines based local company may seen patching up ,and nokia may reemerge its lost market lead percentage

  30. In the era of quadcore n octacore processors….I wonder how these fones will perform.
    Moreover RAM is too less…