Micromax A200 also called the Micromax Canvas Turbo Mini is trimmed down version of the Micromax Canvas Turbo A250. The Micromax A200 is powered by 1.3GHz quad core processor running Android 4.2 over a 4.69 inch screen. The handset looks pretty good and is extremely light weight at 110 grams.

A200 Box pack
Inside the box you will find the handset, travel charger, data cable, earphone, SIM tray ejector, download goodies, warranty card and A200 user manual. SAR value : 0.18 W/kg @ 1g (head) and 0.23 W/kg @1g (body). On the box it’s mentioned that the handset can record HD (720p) videos, however it can record full HD videos.

Design, Display and OS
When I first saw the handset it was like WOW, the design looked good but as soon as you hold the handset the first thing that comes to your mind is ‘is this without the battery’. Well the A200 comes with a non-removable battery.

Micromax A200 box pack

Micromax A200 weight with battery is 110 grams and dimensions are 68.39 x 137.27 x 8.38 mm. Power button, volume rockers are on the right, 3.5mm audio jack and micro USB port on the top and Micro SIM tray on the left side. This is a dual SIM handset the SIM 2 is placed on the left and to access the SIM 1 (normal SIM) and Micro SD card you need to open up the back cover (a small part – check video).

Build quality is very good. Micromax has not specifically mentioned if the handset is made of aluminum body but it does look like combination of plastic and aluminum.

Micromax Canvas Turbo Mini A200 unboxing

The IPS screen is 4.69 inches with 1280×720 pixels resolution. Viewing angles and color reproduction are good. Touch is smooth but make sure to clean the screen with a soft cloth after removing the factory fitted film, as the adhesive residue makes the screen sticky. There are accelerometer, light, proximity and magnetic sensors. There is LED notification too (red when charging and yellow when you get notification).

The MMX A200 runs on Android 4.2

Micromax Canvas Turbo Mini A200 review

Memory and Storage
There is 1GB RAM, 4GB storage and micro SD card slot. 0.98GB (884MB free) is assigned for apps and 1.61GB as phone storage. And of the 1GB RAM 687MB is available (free) on the first boot. OTG is supported and you can also save apps on the external storage.

The hardware is well known its 1.3GHz MediaTek ARM cortex A7 quad core with Mali 400 GPU. Chipset is MT6582 that works pretty well, fast and lag free.

Benchmark scores

  • Quadrant Standard – 5859.
  • AnTuTu – 17177.
  • Vellamo – HTML5 1922, Metal 501.
  • Nenamark 2 – 53.6 fps
  • Multi touch : 10 points.

Gaming and Entertainment
The MC4 and Asphalt games got installed on the external storage. Games are playable, MC4 does lag a bit at times and Asphalt 8 did well in medium visual quality mode.  The hardware can play full HD videos.

There is 8MP rear AF camera with flash and it can record full HD videos at 30fps. The front camera is of 5MP resolution. Rear camera video and still shots are very good. Front camera is average. Do check the sample images and videos. The camera also comes with GIF animation and object remove feature. The camera will shoot series of images when you use the object remove feature, it will then give you an option to remove things you don’t want. It is a good option if you are in a crowed place and want to shoot a statue for example and don’t want to include the people moving around it.

Micromax Canvas Turbo Mini A200 camera 8MP

Sound is clear and loud. Key features are 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. The GPS lock is very fast on this MT6582 chipset.

There is built in non-removable battery of 1800 mAh capacity. I used the handset for about 43 minutes running benchmark apps and playing games the battery level dropped by 23%. I played the Asphalt game again for about 24 minutes the battery dropped by 19%.

If you are playing heavy games or using heavy apps continuously you can expect usage time of about 2 to 3 hours. As seen above the battery drains very fast. For normal usage the battery performance is good.

The Micromax Canvas Turbo Mini A200 has got that premium look and is extremely light weight. Everything about this handset is good, expect for the battery that will hardly last for about 3 hours when all the cores are used – e.g. when playing games or using heavy applications.

If your usage is less, not much into gaming or don’t mind charging the handset often then it is a good option. The A200 with 1.3GHz on some online stores is available for Rs. 12,500 but on some it is available for approx Rs. 10,700.

Image Gallery

Sample Images

Micromax Canvas Turbo Mini A200 handset and gaming review

1080p video shot using the Micromax A200 handset

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    I have a problem of downloading in whatsapp. downloading cannot be completed .


  2. I am not able to see any video in 3g connection in turbo a200 although in same connection i able to see on other mobile

  3. Sir,
    Plz tell me about the micromax canvas turboo mini a200 that the battery is non removable so, if the battery get damaged how can we replace the battery

  4. I bought new micromax canvas turbo mini a-200, 2 months back, but I am not able to update my apps, when ever I am doing that it shows there is insufficient space on the device, though I moved everything in sd card, please help in this regard.

  5. Sir,
    what can i do if the battery go damage? since it is non removal battery.
    please reply me as soon as possible.
    thank you.

  6. Hi there,

    I would like to know if you can remove the battery cover so that I can clean it once a while. I know that I can remove the top and bottom part by sliding it but what about the center part.. ? And I have dust inside the front camera, any idea how to clean that ? It blurs my front camera images.

    Also any news of 4.4 (kit kat) for A200.. Really good phone,, super light weight, battery kinda sucks but still goes on..


  7. Sir my canvas’s bluetooth and wifi dost not working properly..till the purchasing date. wt wll i do…

  8. Does Micromax canvas a120 colors or Micromax canvas turbo mini a200 have Corning Gorilla Glass?

  9. I am using this device for about 3 months the aluminium got some scratches is there any way to remove those.

    1. Abhimanyu, unfortunately no, it is metal. If you try polishing, it will look odd.

  10. Hello gogi sir,
    myself vinay,
    i am thinking to purchase MICROMAX CANVAS
    TURBO MINI, it has a non
    removable battery. So are there any disadvantages
    like the phone hangs or stucks? Is it a good smartphone to buy?
    plz guide me sir.
    Eagerly waiting for your reply.
    Thank you.

  11. Hi gogiji.
    I have been using micromax canvas turbo mini since 1 month and i feel this is probably the best phone under 11k.
    I have a question. Does mmx provides software updates to its phones ? I have not recieved android 4.3 update even and waiting for 4.4.
    The phone heats up in the noon upto 42 degrees. Is it normal or i should go to the service center?

  12. Sir, in terms of battery backup, display, performance, hardware and gaming which is better Canvas 2.2 or Canvas Turbo Mini.

  13. Gogi Sir,
    can android 4.2 available in many canvas version be upgraded to 4.4 kitkat ?
    and whether the software updates are automatic available!

  14. Dear Gogi,
    Can you please guide me,
    can we replace the higher mah batter against 1800mah capacity @ service centre.
    Kindly tell me.

  15. sir is this phone a gud buy for 10-11 k.
    also why is gaming performance of canvas 2.2 better though they have same processor and gpu??

  16. hi gogi sir, thanx for ur review. The handset is awesome but there is only one problem. the tag of imei no. on backside. it looks really bad. sir, is there any way to remove the tag??

      1. sir plz tell me how to remove that tag. and does that void its warranty or there will be no effect on warranty??

      2. Sir will it void the warranty?? And which is better- mmx A114 or mmx A200

        1. Not sure, but MMX will not allow you to change to higher battery capacity, it may not be possible as they don’t manufacture the handset.

    1. go and buy turbo mini. its really awesome phone. Its extremely lightweight. u won’t regret.

  17. sir, i about always stay at home and charging frequently no matters to me so can i go for it blindly or try look at some options available at this price?

  18. Gogi sir when will u reviex xolo q700s….m eagerly waiting for this …pls sir leave a rply pls pls

  19. Hi, gogi gi and friends,

    Please tell, can we make use of USB devices like 3G dongle connect through OTG cable in OTG supported devices. Like in PCs, will it autorun and install app in 3G dongle and thereby get net connection ????

  20. I want to buy a Smart phone around 10000/-. I am confused between MMX canvas turbo mini and canvas 2.2 A114. Could you please help me?

  21. Gogi bhai. Which. One is better moto g or canvas turbo 250.turbo 250 is Available @14689 on flipkart

  22. Gogi do you think the battery drain can be helped by some software tweaks or custom roms?? Or is it normal for a 1800mAh battery??

    1. If you have checked other reviews the drain is more on Turbo mini, but I noticed it more only when using heavy apps.

  23. Hello Gogi Sir,
    I’m really confused among the xolo q1100, MMX canvas magnus & gionee e3 ?
    I’ll not buy a new phone until you review the xolo q1100.
    Please recommend me the best one out of the above mentioned options.
    One thing I would like to mention is that I really love the retina display of E3.
    What is the performance difference between the Mediatek 6589 & 6582 chipsets ?
    Please reply sir.

    1. Go with either Magnus or Xolo q1100. Although q1100 looks better on paper. Only real world experience can tell how good it is. Wait till Gogi reviews it. Worth the wait m sure.

  24. So gogi it is clear then currently MT6582 chipset is the best in mediatek line….?
    So we as gaming lover should go with the phones powered by this chipset?
    Sand currently xolo a1010 looks better or something else?

    1. Yes it is better but the screen resolution will be less, most handsets will be below 720p and for now we have A200 and the XOLO Q1010 that are with 720p resolution.

  25. Hello Gogi Sir,
    I’m eagerly waiting for your review of Xolo q1100.
    I won’t buy a new handset until then. Please suggest me a better handset among Xolo q1100, Mmx canvas magnus & Gionee Elife E3 ?
    I really love the retina display of E3.
    Waiting for your review & reply.
    Thank you.

    1. hi there, with respect to hardware comparison gionee m2 is very similar to MICROAMAX A114..
      you better go for A114 as we don’t know the after sales support of gionee m2

  26. Gogi Sir,
    pls tell me which one is better moto g or turbo mini.I am really confused by seeing the benchmarks except for the quadrant bencmrk.

      1. hello gogiji,
        Problem with MOTO G is that both of its sim is micro sim, so can move to other handset easily.
        have to again buy new sim if have to use phone of normal sim.

        Any suggestion.
        I booked it on flipkart and then cancelled it due to this.
        Other that that it feature of Gorilla glass and water repelent coating is fantastic.
        Now I am looking at purchasing HUAWEI G700 or samsung galaxy win pro g3812.

        Can you give you esteemed comments ..

        1. Zohar you get a normal SIM adapter, no need to get a new normal SIM you can use the micro SIM with the adapter.

  27. Why rated it 3.5 its superb handset excluding batter for battery its 1.5 stars it should 4.5 all features are good enough for a nice price 11k firstly when it was launched it was 14k so it was not a good option but now every site is reducing on flip-kart it was 10.8k and on amazon 10.65 k also on other sites 12k

    Ok you leave every thing only focus on features and price i ordered for 10.7 see the price and features and then tell now how much stars you will give it

    1. yes i agree with you, sir please tell us why u gave this 3.5 stars ? is there any other issue behind this ?
      if the battery was only one reason then it should deserve 4.5 stars looking at its cheap price….
      sir please let us to know the reason of cutting down it’s valuable 1 star???

      1. It would have been a 4 but 3.5 cause of the battery. If you think battery is not that important then buy it. Pls check the verdict I have already mentioned it.

        1. ok half star for battery and 1 star for what ???
          camera is nice
          build quality is nice
          its light weight
          it has HD resolution
          nice benchmarks
          nice touch screen
          all sensors even magnetic that is missing on q1010
          nice hand fit 4.7 inch not too much bulky
          camera also have cinema graphic and other special effects
          front camera is also bigger than q1010 that is 5 MP
          nice gaming also
          could save on external storage
          premium design

          so there is only one drawback that is battery so why 1.5 stars for battery it should be half star for battery or maximum 1 star where is remaining 1 or half star???

          1. Are you planning to buy this handset then pls go ahead. Will it make any difference if its 4.5, 4 or 3.5 star?

          2. no it will not make a difference but but i just want to know what is the things you didnt liked and gave 3.5 star and yes i am planning to buy this even i have placed the order for it but if you tell me the reason of 3.5 stars i would not buy this so pls can you tell that

            is the less rating fue to the same same design pattern ir decreased screen size or what??

          3. I think I made things clear in the review and video review. The battery performance is not that good. If you will be playing games then you will need to recharge it often.

  28. Hi gogi sir. Your reviews are so helpful. Thanks for those. Sir the xolo q1010 is also with the same chipset, but im confused which to buy. Which is better in terms of camera sir?

    1. Q1010 is a better option had it not been for the under performing battery on A200 it would have been rocking. Also price is less than Q1010.

  29. And how was the cinemagraph effect object eraser and is there blow to unlock and popup browser popup video player and is front camera beeter than magnus q1010 a114?

  30. Dear Gogi Rana,
    Please compare between mt6582 vs mt6589 in terms of processing power, power consumption, gps lock and real world scenario. which one is better. Thanks in advance

  31. Hi Gogi,

    1 request for you, try see all your review start when battery at level at some where around 50 % . I am sure you will get very less battery backup..

    I have seen many times on xolo , lava, MMX phones.. Battery performance is good till 50 % then it drops really fast.

    So whater u predict on basis of percent drop (2-3) . u will see it is up to 2 hours or less


    1. Sujit, usually I keep the battery over 50% in case I miss I do charge the handset in off state to 80% and above and then will play some game for few minutes. Check the battery section I played the game for a 2nd time. But in general other handsets give 3 and over hours of usage but A200 backup is quite less.

  32. Dear Gogi Rana,
    Please make myself aware of build quality of gionee vs micromax vs lava vs xolo which one is best? thanks in advance.

    1. It depends on handset to handset some handsets have good build and some average. Look wise XOLO handsets are very attractive.

    2. I think gionee built quality is excilent.. As my friend are using gionee elife e3 and e5..so i am also going to buy between e5. E6 or e7..

        1. You cannot know that unless you test that in a lab. And if its not mentioned it is not there, other wise who would give GGP and not mentioned about it.

  33. Dear Gogi,
    You have mentioned 4.6 inch screen in beginning and at the end, but in between you mentioned 4.9 inch screen, can you specify which one is correct.
    “The IPS screen is 4.9 inches with 1280×720 pixels resolution.”

  34. gogi sir, i am bit confused between canvas mini and moto g.as motorola service centre is not at my region where micromax service centre is. .i am a show off , gamer, camere freak so which one is good for me plz plz reply……