Nokia X launched in India for Rs. 8599

Finally Nokia with Android is here, the Nokia X has been launched and will soon be available for a price tag of Rs. 8,599. The Nokia X apparently becomes the first Nokia handset launched in India that runs on the Android platform.

Along with the X, the X+ and the XL were also announced and will be available within few months. Though the handset runs on the Android OS it is powered by Nokia / Microsoft services i.e. users will not get access to the Google play store but they will be able to install apps via Nokia app store. However users will be able to install 3rd party app (using the unknown sources option) just like on other android powered handsets.

The Nokia X is a dual SIM handset powered by Snapdragon S4 (dual core) processor running Android 4.1 (Nokia X platform 1.0) with 512MB RAM and 4GB storage. There is a 3MP rear camera and battery is 1500 mAh capacity. 3G, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth come built in.

Nokia X now in India for Rs. 8,599

The X will be available in 6 different color options. 3GB ONE Drive cloud space is also included – free of cost. And instead of the Google Maps you will find the Nokia Here Maps that will work with the built in GPS.

It is rather disappointing that X users will not be able to use the Google play store, however Nokia store might get most of the stuffs included they call it the same code base – New user base (most of the apps will work and all that the developers need to do is get it listed [after a compatibility test]  on the Nokia store), moreover there is already a  lot of 3rd party development happening to root the Nokia X and gain access to the play store.

Do check out the Nokia X that will hit the Indian stores within few days.


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